Creativity Lessons From Legendary Skateboarder Rodney Mullen [Video]

This post is an excerpt from my Daily Fix article, “Six Creativity Lessons From Bones Brigade Legendary Skateboarders.” Recently, Stacy Peralta, a legendary skater of the 1970s now working as a filmmaker, produced a documentary film about the Bones Brigade, the legendary Powell Peralta skateboarding team that produced some of the biggest innovators in skateboarding history. In…


10 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using Right Now [Illustrated Slideshow]

The first buzzwords slideshow (15 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using) that I illustrated for MarketingProfs brought many comments, so I thought I’d create another slideshow of 10 more buzzwords from the comment section. This illustrated slideshow features a chicken with a tiara and an elephant quoting Hamlet. (Yep, you read that correctly.)

In Praise of the Fading Art of Handwriting: Three Thoughts [and a Drawing]

In the recent Fast Co.DESIGN article “10 Ways to Rescue Handwriting From the Grave,” author Philip Hensher describes his great love of handwriting—yep, the lost art requiring a writing utensil and non-digital surface—and his hope that handwriting gets its rightful place in our daily lives. “I want everyone to maintain an intimate and unique connection…


You Know You’re a Marketer If… [Illustrated Slide Show]

MarketingProfs asked its Facebook group to finish this sentence: “You know you’re a marketer if…” Most of the responses were hilarious, playful, and definitely tongue in cheek. So, I took the responses that made us laugh the most and illustrated them for the following slideshow, “You Know You’re a Marketer If… (17 Signs That You’re…