Today one of the best weapons to spearhead your business growth campaign is using social media. But using it effectively is what matters in this age as most companies try out this strategy. It isn’t that new medium which needs to marinate for some time, but it is expected to exceed 35 billion dollars in advertisement expenditure in the past calendar year, which makes it as respectable as any other marketing strategy. Their needs to be some thought behind how you use social media and can be achieved in three steps: audit, assessment, and plan of action. Here are the things you need to look into:

Establish the objectives

The “raise awareness leads to raised sales” campaign is so passé! It is important in today’s day and age to be particular about the extent of increase you want and can handle.

Understand the target

Instead of having a million accounts on social media sites, the company should instead focus on a couple of sites which have the best outreach to the niche that they seek. If a product for sale is very aesthetic, then its value can be put forth on Instagram but word of mouth is better achieved via Twitter.


It’s necessary to not just spew words out of an account but listen and respond to try to have a conversation with prospective customers. There should be an innate interest in trying to get to know clients because this strategy fails due to half-heartedness of firms.

Admission of guilt

It is often thought that if a big brand makes a mistake, they shouldn’t acknowledge it and try to sail through. But if they come out of the shadows and apologize, it humanizes them and a public platform like social media could very well be the place. Many such goof-ups happen over the internet and should be responded to with much thought.

Proactiveness is appreciable

It is imperative to have quick and frequent posts from the business account barring which, followers would lose interest and new followers won’t develop it. A strong bond can only be created once personal involvement and communication happen which then leads to better bonding and connection of the customers and the brand.

Respond to complaints

Every service gets some negative feedback but the focus should be to channelize that into the positive and that can only be attempted if you acknowledge the negative comments. A quick and appropriate response is the right thing to do here.

Keep track of happenings

It is essential to keep a track of what you’re doing, assessing mistakes and overkill followed by making appropriate changes to strategy. Counting likes and followers aren’t all that there is to it, they are just the tip of the iceberg. There are other platforms which are tailor-made to track business success and this tracking can then be used in conversions. One can try using Facebook pixel and goal conversions.