If you’re anything like the majority of those suffering from any degree of physical or psychic anguish, including inflammation, stress, anxiety, and more, you may be quite curious about a mounting option for treating such things: cannabidiol– or CBD. This curiosity is quite natural, as this naturally occurring chemical compound, found in and cultivated from most from marijuana and hemp, has found a way to become ever more popular and widely used in recent years. Misinformation, however, still manages to negatively impact the reputation of CBD, which is quite unfortunate, as many could benefit from the noted benefits of CBD oil.

How to Pick the Top CBD Oils for your Anxiety, Best Sleep, and/or Pain

What is the cause of this odd disconnect? It seems to be the case that the reputations of CBD and another cannabinoid, THC, are often mixed up in an odd, counterfactual way. Many CBD users do enjoy an oil with a high THC concentration, as the psychoactive experience complements the purely physical one provided by CBD. THC and CBD are regularly teaming up to create positive effects together, but that does not mean that they do the same thing– in fact, in many ways, CBD without THC is found to create almost an opposing effect to THC.

In marijuana and THC-rich oils, the user is subject to a psychoactive “high” which is beloved by some and feared by others. CBD, however, is the component which moderates and adds balance to such an experience. As such, on its own, CBD is merely soothing to the mind and body, without inducing any sort of influence that would corrupt sobriety. As such, many people use CBD oils to treat the symptoms of things like insomnia and chronic pain, and for those treating such maladies, they often use CBD products through the working day- something obviously frowned upon with THC products.

CBD is most commonly ingested through oils, which form the basis of many tinctures, capsules, ointments, and other products which we will introduce you to as this guide goes on. For now, the point is that, because CBD oil is the most common way that CBD is sold, it stands to reason that there is a lot of competition in the CBD oil marketplace. Indeed, a simple google search will show an absolutely overwhelming amount of options for those looking to make a purchase. Among these, there are many trusted brands, as well as some wolves in sheep’s clothing, as it were.

This guide aims to show you the best of the best in regards to hemp-based CBD oils. We have chosen to focus solely on hemp-based oils not because the marijuana-derived oils have anything wrong with them, but only for reasons of legality.

Typical forms of CBD oil products

As mentioned previously, there are many methods of ingesting CBD oil, and one will surely seem more favorable to the new, cautious user based on their familiarities and comfort level with various practices.

Capsules: Perhaps most common way, low key way to begin your CBD oil journey is through taking capsules. Much like taking a vitamin, such capsules can be taken with water.

Tinctures: On the marketplace, tinctures are often treated as the default way of ingesting CBD oils. To use a tincture, you can use the dropper which comes with the bottle and simply drop a small amount under your tongue, or you can add the CBD oil to a food dish or beverage you are about to eat. Tinctures are quick to act and are known for their potency. They also come in wide ranges of flavors or can be experienced as the “natural” taste of CBD oil.

Vape Juices: Where would one trend be without the other? Of course, they are going to find a way to work together. And they do. Many vape users choose to start their CBD oil experience by buying an appropriate juice and loading it in their e-cigarette.

Topical Ointments: For those who prefer to avoid the route of oral ingestion, feel free to purchase an ointment that can be rubbed into the skin. CBD oil ointments and topical lotions are excellent for experiencing the subtle side of CBD oil, which gradually spreads throughout the body.

Our Top Three Brands of CBD Oils

It’s time to choose the best three CBD oil brands that we came across in our entire search. We consulted many companies, users, and compiled a lot of data to come to these conclusions, and are confident in suggesting any of the three. In each description, you’ll see why we made the choice, as well as for whom the product is most ideally suited.

  1. Yours Nutrition

Yours Nutritions offers a “Full Spectrum” CBD oil which entirely encapsulates why we suggest CBD oil in the first place. Traditional yet contemporary, they call back to the long history of humans and cannabinoids in their production methods, which are also cutting edge in their modern, scientific efficacy. Besides this, Yours Nutrition tinctures have an amazing, natural flavor of mint which is unrivalled amongst other “flavored” CBD oils, in our experience. Well-priced and well-flavoured, the extraction process is so delicate that it allows the oils to maintain their organic life to the point of containing more than 80 phytocannabinoids and compounds. The physical experience of ingesting this oil allows for freedom from anxiety, a soothing of the stressed mind, and a physical remedy for inflammations.

  1. Spruce

Spruce makes potent, vegan, organic, gluten-free, THC-free tinctures, which are really an ideal option for those searching for unflavored oils and those who deal with insomnia and various chronic pains.

  1. cbdMD

cbdMD has a vast array of concentrations, ranging from the mildest to the very intense, and the prices are incredible. Beyond this, they have options for ingestion, too. Choose from a tincture, capsule, ointment, or any of the other cbdMD offerings. The lack of frills and gimmicks makes this an excellent option for those looking for something affordable, which many high-end options don’t allow for.