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Diving Into Amish Swift Vs Umbrella Swift

Amish Swift Vs Umbrella Swift


These are the two most popular and widely available styles of fast thread, but which is best? Like many things, it all comes down to personal preference, how much space you have, and what you're willing to spend.

In the simplest sense, the Amish style is tabletop, and the umbrella is fastened quickly to a surface.

In this post, I give a complete rundown of both styles, and the best models available for each style.

Table of Contents.
What is a Swift for yarn?
Wood Vs Metal Umbrella Swift
Amish Swift Vs Umbrella Swift - The Differences and Similarities
The best Amish Swift
Stanwood Needlecraft Amish Swift Style Table Tops
CHIAOGOO Amish Wooden Swift Yarn Design
The Best Swift Umbrella
Stanwood Wooden Umbrella Spinning Swift
Schacht Swift
What is a Yarn Swift?
A yarn swift is a useful tool, most commonly used in conjunction with a yarn winder to help wind yarn from a skein or skein into a neat yarn cake.

Yarn cakes are easier to knit and are much less likely to become a tangled mess of a yarn monster when you try to knit it.

Wood Vs Metal Umbrella Swift

The obvious one has to be the material, metal ones are generally made of aluminum and wood ones made of hardwoods like birch or maple.
Metal ones are generally cheaper
Although wooden ones tend to last longer and are more resistant.
They are also a bit more expensive to maintain, but they look lovely.
Metallics usually combine metal and plastic

Can be any style of fast thread
All are available in different price ranges and sizes
Amish Swift Vs Umbrella Swift - The Differences and Similarities
Here is a quick summary of the similar and different qualities of these two styles.

The Amish sits flat on a table, while the other is attached to a surface.
In general, a quick umbrella is more comfortable to set up and less bulky
It is also usually easier to store
The umbrella expands to fit any size yarn, while the Amish has adjustable pegs to fit different sizes
Amish do not require a clamp, less likely to damage a surface
Some find an umbrella one more comfortable to use
Amishes can generally hold larger skeins than the other option
Both are designed to hold the skein or hank while you wind it up
Both rotate on a flat shaft
Are available in a wide variety of materials, from plastic and metal to hard wood
All price ranges to suit all budgets
Kristine Kelly of Ewe University gives an in-depth summary of the two styles plus the fast vertical yarn, which can be viewed by clicking here.

The Best Amish Swift
Stanwood Needlecraft Amish Swift Style Amish Table
Stanwood Needlecraft Amish Swift Style Amish Table
Thought Stanwood is predominantly known for their umbrella style swifts, this model is made with the same quality, attention to detail, and made from the same hardwood. An excellent swift table yarn.


Made of solid wood
Smooth, sanded and polished surface
Holds skeins between 2 1/2 - 6 feet in circumference

Non-skid pads to prevent accidental movement
Easy assembly and disassembly
Convenient storage
Spins very smoothly

Has a little friction when turning
Squeaks from time to time, but not enough to be annoying
Click for more information / Buy on Amazon
CHIAOGOO Amish Design Wooden Yarn Swift Design
CHIAOGOO Amish Wooden Yarn Design Swift
Made by Chiaogoo, the company known for their excellent range of needles, they also make this excellent quality swift made from solid wood. One of the many excellent choices available on the market for wood spinning swifts.


Made entirely of wood
Designed to last for years
Suitable for a permanent or temporary home setting

Four adjustable pegs to hold a wide variety of skein sizes
Has non-skid pads to prevent accidental slippage
Quick and easy assembly
Spins smoothly and quietly
On the cheaper end

Not sturdy
Makes an occasional squeaking noise
Can be a little scratchy when it arrives
Click for more information / Buy from Amazon
The best Swift umbrella
Stanwood Wooden Umbrella Swift Spun Umbrella
Stanwood Wooden Umbrella Swift Yarn Umbrella
This Stanwood umbrella is one of the most popular models of swift yarn and considered by many to be one of the best yarn swifts. Entirely made of solid birch, this is a smooth and quiet workhorse.


Made of finely sanded and polished birch.
Holds a skein up to 6 feet in circumference
Medium size
Clamp fits surfaces up to 1 3/4 inches thick

Excellent quality materials and craftsmanship
Requires almost no assembly
Efficient and time saving
Lasts a long time

Slightly expensive
Limited thickness capacity that you can clamp to
Sometimes the screw is defective, but Stanwood will replace it quickly
Sometimes the umbrella can slip if you don't secure it properly
Click for more info / Buy on Amazon
Schacht Swift
Schacht Swift
Made with heavy-duty materials and attention to detail, this is a workhorse that is smooth and quiet. Designed to last for years, this is very well worth the investment.


Made with wood and metal
Features a ball bearing for super-smooth spinning
Holds a skein of yarn up to 93" in circumference

Adjustable clamp should fit most surfaces
Stable and super sturdy
Super smooth when winding the yarn

A bit heavy and bulky
Requires quite a bit of assembly
Takes up a bit of space, so would be difficult to store
A bit expensive
Click to learn more / Buy on Amazon
Hopefully, this comparison of these two styles of yarn swifts helped you decide which one is best for you.

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