Your Guide To TSA Crochet Hooks Rules

With all the waiting and sitting when traveling by plane, it makes sense that you would like to do something you enjoy, such as crochet.

A common question when traveling crocheters is, "Can I bring crochet hooks on an airplane? The answer is yes, although there are some considerations to keep in mind. Read on to learn more.

There are other tools used in crochet you might wonder about such as scissors. That's covered as well.

I've put together this guide to make sure you don't have your crochet hooks confiscated when going through airport security.

Table of Contents
Are crochet hooks allowed on airplanes?
Can you bring metal crochet hooks on an airplane?
Are bamboo crochet hooks better?
Can you bring scissors on an airplane?
Southwest Airlines does not allow crochet hooks?
Traveling Abroad
Best crochet hooks for airplane travel
Useful travel tips for crocheters
Final Thoughts
Can I bring a crochet hook on an airplane?
Yes, you can take crochet hooks on airplanes within the United States....:

Crochet hooks

Carrier bags: Yes

Tested bags: Yes

This means you can take crochet hooks on the plane with you in your carry-on and checked luggage. Happy days! It pays to wrap your crochet hooks in a cloth backing as the TSA specifically adds:

Any sharp objects in checked bags must be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and screeners.

Have your hooks wrapped in carry-on bags as well in case a TSA agent needs to check your items.

It is important to note that there is a warning on the TSA website stating:

The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether to allow an item through the checkpoint.

Of course, there is a risk that a TSA officer may decide that your hooks cannot pass through the security checkpoint. Following the tips below should help.

Don't take your most precious or expensive hooks in your carry-on luggage, just in case. Put them in your checked luggage.

Can you bring Metal crochet hooks on a plane?
I've read accounts on craft forums where crocheters had no problems with bringing metal/wooden or plastic crochet hooks on planes within the United States.

It seems to rarely be a problem if you are traveling in the US, but it can be if you are traveling outside the US.

Place your metal crochet hooks in your checked luggage when traveling outside the US.

Are bamboo crochet hooks better?
From my research, if you are traveling outside the U.S., it is best to carry bamboo hooks with you in your carry-on bag. Place them with pens in a compartment in your bag or in a pencil box as you go through a security checkpoint.

Southwest Airlines does not allow crochet hooks?
Southwest Airlines Domestic flights within the United States allow crochet hooks on board the aircraft. They follow TSA guidelines for what you can bring on the plane.

If you are traveling to an international destination with Southwest Airlines, it is best to place your metal hooks in your checked bags for your flight back to the United States.

Other tools used for crocheting
Thread cutter

Circular thread cutters such as the Clover thread cutter or others with blades should be placed in your checked bags.


For carry-on bags, scissors should be blunt, and blades no longer than 4"/10 cm from the pivot point. If you have longer scissors, place them in your checked luggage.

Make sure your travel scissors or safety scissors, also known as kindergarten style, conform to these rules.
A good alternative to scissors is a small pair of nail clippers.

Dental floss can also do the trick for cutting thread. Dental floss has a small blade inside that you can use to cut thread.

Sewing needles

You can bring sewing needles in your carry-on bag or checked bags. I would leave them in your checked luggage, doing any finishing is annoying on a plane.

As for notions, it's best to have a small notions kit for traveling. It's helpful to have everything in one place. All your crochet tools like stitch markers, yarn needles, tape measure, etc. can be kept in one convenient place.

This means you don't have to search for it once you're on the plane and having it all together is easier for agents.

Traveling outside the United States

Knitting needles and crochet hooks are only allowed in checked bags. Do not carry them in your carry-on bag.


Knitting needles and crochet hooks of any size and type (e.g. plastic, aluminum, bamboo) are allowed in carry-on or checked bags.


There used to be a restriction on knitting needles and crochet hooks on a plane in Australia, but this has since been removed. You may place them in your checked bags or carry them on board.


You can take your crochet hooks in your carry-on baggage on flights within the UK and in your checked baggage.

European Union (EU)

On their list of prohibited items is the following:

...tools with a blade or shaft longer than 6 cm capable of being used as a weapon, such as screwdrivers and chisels.

Do not take any metal crochet hooks on board and store them in checked bags. It is best to have bamboo or plastic hooks.

Specifically discussed scissors (no longer than 6 cm / 2.3" measured from the fulcrum) are allowed. Small handmade scissors with blunt tips are a good idea or small nail clippers.


It is strictly forbidden to take crochet hooks on an airplane in France. They must be registered.

Of course, it is always best to check with the country's policies before traveling.

Best crochet hooks for traveling on airplanes
Addi Comfort Grip crochet hooks
Addi Comfort Grip® crochet hooks
Addi ® Comfort Grip hook, with color-coded plastic handles for easy organization. Perfect for those looking for a comfortable grip. The head has a glossy finish, a rounded lip and a rounded groove.

Available in: U.S. A (2mm), B (2.5mm), C (3mm), D (3.25mm), E (3mm), 3.75mm, F (4mm), G (4.5mm), H (5mm), I (5.5mm) and J (6mm).


Good for stitches requiring load. The shaft is long enough for them.

No thumb rest
Click for more information / Buy on Amazon
London Kaye Hook Set
An unusual design where the handle is twisted but has been created for comfort. These are ideal for large bulky yarns and projects such as hats, scarves and afghans, pet beds and mats.

Set includes:

Small - 9 MM (Green)
Medium - 11.5 MM (Pink)

Large - 20 MM (Blue)

Lightweight plastic feels comfortable to hold
Easy to crochet with bulky yarns
Does not tire the wrist when worn for long periods of time

Some users found a rough nub on the small hook
Yarn does not slide as easily
Consult price at Lion Brand
Lion Brand Plastic Hooks
Lion brand plastic hooks set of 6
Includes sizes F-5, G-6, H-8, I-9, J-10 and K-10½. Each hook is marked by size. Made of plastic. Set of six hooks.


Made of plastic
Comfortable to hold and use
Slides through the thread

Thinner hooks might be a little bendy
Check price at Leon brand
Helpful travel tips for crocheters
Travel rules and allowed items are subject to change; although this list is accurate for now, new rules may go up at any time. Always check country and airline requirements before flying.

Here's a helpful tip: consider taking a padded mailing envelope and a sheet of stamps with you when you travel. So on the off chance that your hooks are going to be confiscated, you can send your package home yourself!

There are a few tips you can use to make sure you have an easy trip with your crochet.

Think about how long you will be able to crochet during your trip. Taking your last crochet afghan is probably not the best option.

Be prepared for small projects like hats and take the yarn needed which should only be a couple of balls. It helps to have a zippered bag for all your supplies.

Know your pattern and have a backup of it. You may not have wifi. If your pattern is online, download the pdf or print out a physical copy to take with you.

It is also best to have a few rows of your pattern started by the time you arrive at the airport.

Transportation security management agents are less likely to throw away your crochet needle if they see you are working on something and not just harboring sharp objects.

It's best to only bring something you don't mind losing. Don't bring your favorite set of hooks. It's not worth it.

Final Thoughts.
Do your research before you go on your trip. Going through airport security can be stressful, make it easy on yourself so there are no problems.

At the end of the day, you can't control what security will allow you to fly through. But with these travel tips and tricks, you have a very good chance of enjoying a craft-filled and relaxing flight.

It's best to follow the rules and have no dramas. Sitting in airports for hours and hours of flight time can be exhausting.

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Guide To Susan Bates Steel Crochet Hook

Steel crochet hooks, small hooks for small, delicate and intricate designs, like when you are crocheting lace. They are made of this type of metal because they need to be extra strong and durable.

After all, the smaller something gets, the easier it is to accidentally break when you use it. Susan Bates has a full range of steel hooks, and her line of these is called Steelite.

Read on for my review of Susan Bates Steelite. Susan Bates Steelite Steel Crochet Hook Set
Susan Bates steel crochet hook set.
A well priced, affordable package of six different sizes of crochet hooks, for all kinds of projects.


Sizes Included - 1.15 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.35 mm, and 2.55 mm

Comes with a clear vinyl case
Each size is marked for easy access
Well made and long lasting
A great starter set for beginners to crochet with crochet lace

The steel is nickel plated, so this is not a good choice for those with nickel sensitivities.
Unfortunately, this is the only collection of sizes available. If you need other options, you will have to purchase them separately.
These are not online, as they cannot make smaller hooks with that head design.
Click for more information / Buy on Amazon
Susan Bates Steel Crochet Hook
Susan Bates steel crochet hook US0 Pin sewing needles in Etsy store
If you prefer to buy each size separately, they are available from a wide variety of sources. They might even be in your favorite craft store. Some sizes are not available in sets and must be purchased individually.


Sizes available: only US Size 0 (2.55 mm), however, there are more size options available in the different listings in the same store. Check out their store for more information.

All kinds of sizes available
Good customer service
Fast shipping
Durable and long lasting

Some sizes are subject to availability.
Check today's price
Susan Bates steel crochet hook sizes.
Steel crochet hooks have a different sizing system than regular hooks because they are so small.

Susan Bates Steel Crochet Hook Size Chart
In my post, Susan Bates Crochet hook sizes chart, has a chart of all the steel crochet hook sizes available from Susan Bates. Click here for more information.

Susan Bates Steel Crochet Hook Covers
Susan Bates Cushion Covers for Steel Crochet Hooks
For those who have arthritic hands or have hand pain / deformity or carpal tunnel syndrome, Susan Bates has created a cushioning cover to put over the hook when crocheting.

Called Susan Bates Comfort Cushion, it is made of rubber. It could be an excellent choice if you have trouble crocheting for long periods.


Fits smaller sizes of steel crochet hooks.

Can be difficult to find
A little awkward to use at first, but gets easier
Check today's price
Hopefully, this post helped you find what you needed in steel crochet hooks. Steelite by Susan Bates is high quality, durable and long lasting.

Happy crocheting! What kinds of things to crochet when using steel hooks? I'd be interested to see any current work in progress or your plans for your next project.

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Yarnology Crochet Hooks

Complete Guide To Yarnology Crochet Hooks

Yarnology Hooks by Hobby Lobby are affordable hooks and come in a range of styles. Some crocheters love them for their affordability. But some of the hooks have their problems, more on that below.

Read my guide to yarnology hobby lobby crochet hooks. Yarnology Hooks
Here are some of the options for the yarnology crochet hook.

Yarnology Deluxe Hooks

A deluxe hook with an ergonomic handle with floral detailing. Rubber on the handle and plastic for the hook.

Available sizes - H-5mm, I-5.5mm, J-6mm and K-6.5mm.
Hook Style - Tapered

Hooks thread well
Ergonomic handle relieves hand and wrist pain

Sizes no smaller or larger than what's above
Ask for price at Hobby Lobby
Yarnology Ergonomic Hooks

This ergonomic hook has a plastic and rubber handle and a sturdy metal tip. Each size has a different color shank.

Available Sizes - 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 7-4.5mm, E-3.5mm, G-6 - 4mm, H-5mm, I-5.5mm, J-6mm
Hook Style - Tapered
Length - 6 1/2 Inches

Comfortable to hold

Customers found that the sizes marked on the hooks wore out after heavy use
Metal hook can loosen at the handle
Ask for price at Hobby Lobby
Yarnology Acrylic Hooks

This set includes various sizes and colors of acrylic hooks.

Package contains:

1 - K-10.5 / 6.5mm
1 - L-11/8mm
1 - M-13 / 9mm
1 - N-15 / 10mm
1 - P-16 / 11.5mm
Hook Style - Inline


Some customers experienced hook breakage.
Thread can stick and make it difficult to pull through.
Ask Hobby Lobby for price
Yarnology Tunisian Hooks

Use this acrylic afghan hook to crochet blankets or throws using Tunisian crochet stitches.

The listing says acrylic, but it looks like aluminum in the photo above.

Available sizes - 5mm (size H)
Hook style - Tapered
Length - 14″


Hard to tell what material it is.
Check price at Hobby Lobby
Yarnology bamboo handle aluminum crochet hook

An aluminum hook with a bamboo handle.

Available sizes - C / 2-2.75mm, 7-4.5mm, E-3.5mm, F-5 -3.5mm, G-6 - 4mm, H-5mm, I-5.5mm, J-6mm, K-6.5mm, L-8mm, M-9mm and N-10mm.
Hook Style - Tapered

Comfortable in your hand

Not inline if you prefer that hook style
Ask for price at Hobby Lobby
Aluminum crochet hooks

A set of 10 hooks with an aluminum hook and plastic handle.

Sizes included: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm and 7mm.
Hook Style - Tapered

Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
Good for beginners

Imprint is on the thumb rest/grip, which indicates that the size may rub off. Keep the packaging so you can identify the size.
Check price at Hobby Lobby
Steel crochet hooks

No frills, functional hobby lobby yarnology steel crochet hooks.

Available Sizes: - 0-3 Years.25 mm, 1-2.75 mm, 2-2.25 mm, 3-2.1 mm, 4-2.0 mm, 5-1.9 mm, 6-1.8 mm, 7-1.65 mm, 9-1.4 mm, 10-1.3 mm, 11-1.1 mm, 12-1.0 mm, & 14-0.75 mm
Hook Style - Tapered
Length - 5″

Glides effortlessly through stitches.
Will not snag, catch or split thread
Pointed tips fit into every space with no problem

Some users found the throat too short
Check price at Hobby Lobby
Yarnology crochet hook grip set.

These are crochet hook grips of various sizes made to fit hook sizes ranging from 2.25mm to 10mm. These foam grips easily slip around your hook shank.

Length: 2 3/8 inches


Makes metal hooks more comfortable.

Some users found them too difficult to pull up. Try a little dish soap on a towel, rub it on your hook and slide over the handle.
Check price at Hobby Lobby
Yarnology Hook Case

Crochet hooks with travel case. Case has a durable vinyl exterior that repels moisture and a velvet lining that preserves the finish of your hooks.

Dimensions: Length: 5″, Width: 7 1/4″.
Package contains: 6 steel crochet hooks (sizes: 00, 0-14) and 8 aluminum crochet hooks (sizes: D-K).
Hook Style - Tapered

Good range of hooks if different types of crochet projects.
Case contains phthalates
Consult price at Hobby Lobby
Yarnology crochet hook sizes
Yarnology luxury crochet hook sizes
Product Description
Product Description
Product Description
Product Description
Your questions answered
Yarnology Vs Susan Bates crochet hooks
Yarnology hooks are tapered, and Susan Bates crochet hooks are in-line.

Boye crochet hooks compared to Yarnology
Boye crochet hooks and Yarnology hooks are tapered.

Crochet hooks similar to Yarnology Luxury
Furls crochet hooks are the ultimate luxury hook. They are made of several different materials, beautiful woods, metal and resin. The Furls hook handles have been designed for maximum comfort.

Which brand is more like Yarnology for crochet hooks?
Boye hooks are similar to the tapered design of Yarnology Crochets Hooks.

Are Yarnology Crochet Hooks the Hobby Lobby brand?
Yes, Yarnology Crochet Hooks are the Hobby Lobby brand of crochet hooks.

Yarnology hooks are certainly affordable, but sometimes that doesn't mean you are getting good quality.

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boye crochet hook

All You Need To Know About Boye Crochet Hooks Sizes

Boyé has a wide range of crochet hooks, made of many materials and options, in various sizes.

I created this post to let you know what sizes are available in each product line of Boyé crochet hooks they produce.

In this post, I provided a handy conversion chart and downloadable PDF for easy reference. Crochet Hook Sizes
First, here is some information on crochet hook needle size and conversion between the different sizing systems.

There are three main systems, metric (AUS / NZ), US and UK / Canada.

For more, visit my post on crochet hook sizes here.

Boyé Crochet Hooks Sizing Chart
Note: This size applies to plastic and tunisian range.

United States United Kingdom metric
B / 1 13 2.25 mm
C / 2 11 2.75 mm
D / 3 10 3.25 mm
E / 4 - 3.5 mm
G / 6 8 4.00 mm
H / 8 6 5.00 mm
A / 9 5 5.50 mm
J / 10 4 6.00 mm
Data encoding method:
N / 15 000 10.00 mm
P/16 - 11.50 mm
Q - 16 mm red Boyé crochet hooks sizes
The Boyé red crochet hook Boyé size F in US Sizing or 4.00 mm in metric size.

Boyé steel crochet hooks size chart
Steel crochet hooks are smaller and finer, used for knitting intricate designs or lace with crochet thread.

United States metric
3.50 mm 00
3.25 mm 0
2.75 mm 1
2.55 mm 0
2.25 mm 2
2.10 mm 3
2 mm 4
Item type
1.80 mm 6
Item code:
1.50 mm 8/7/2
1.40 mm 9/8
1.30 mm 10
1.10 mm 11
1 mm 12/6
0.85 mm 13
0.75 mm 14/10Hopefully, you found this useful. Boyé crochet hooks are great for beginners because of their affordability, light and comfortable feel, and wide availability.

Do you use Boyé hooks? If so, what do you like about them? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

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Best Lighted Crochet Hooks

Best Lighted Crochet Hooks

These lighted crochet hooks have been around for quite some time. Although they may look gimmicky, crocheters have been pleasantly surprised at how good they are.

Crocheters have found that they work well in low light and also with dark yarn.

Most of the options have an ergonomic handle because there needs to be a larger handle to fit the batteries.

Here is my recommended list of available brands. Best Lighted Crochet Hook
NeedleLite Comfort Grip lighted crochet hook

Needlelite in the United States gets excellent customer reviews.
These are lightweight and easy to use. The unique shape allows them to fit comfortably in your hand. Ideal for use in low light or dark conditions.

The clear plastic hook lights up when you turn it on. To do so, turn the knob at the base a half turn.

7 inches is the total length of the crochet hook needle measured from the tip of the hook to the end of the light source.

Long-life batteries are installed and ready to use. Typical battery life is over 48 hours of continuous use. Easy replacement instructions are included.


Clear lettering indicating letter size as well as mm.
Head is pointed with a deep bowl and rounded lip.
Good customer reviews
Made in the USA

Some users don't like the squeaking noise that occurs with the plastic surface
Check today's price
Light up rechargeable crochet hooks
Yarniss crochet hooks lighted set
Yarniss lighted crochet hooks set
Comes with 11 removable resin tips. Silicone handle.

Includes sizes: 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.0 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.0 mm, 6.5 mm, 7mm, & 8mm.

It has a rechargeable handle with a built-in battery.


Faux wood handle
Comes with USB charger cable
Comfortable to hold
You can choose two light modes: strong and weak.
Can be used for up to 7 - 9h

Users did not like the ridge above where the head attaches to the handle. The thread gets stuck in it. The manufacturer gives this solution: use an elastic band to restrict this space. They are trying to improve this with future models.
Click for more information / Buy on Amazon.
Set of crochet hook lights with case.
Set of crochet hook lights with case.
Crochet hook needle Sizes: C (2.5 mm), D (3.0 mm), E (3.5 mm),F (4.0 mm),G (4.5 mm),H (5.0 mm),I (5.5 mm),J (6.0 mm) and K (6.5 mm).

The handle material: ABS and silicone.


10 branded pins.
9 interchangeable hooks
6 plastic sewing needles
3 stainless steel needles
1 PC row counter
1 storage bag
1 stitch holder
1 rubber handle
1 scissors
1 knitting gauge
1 USB line
Illuminates the project well even when in a dark room
Comfortable to hold
Rechargeable crochet hook
Easy to charge
Easy to use
If you are a tight crocheter, these will be harder
Click for more information / Buy on Amazon
Yarn Mania light crochet hooks
Yarn Mania light crochet hooks
These metal crochet hooks are rechargeable with two brightness settings, with enhanced LED technology, providing strong, focusing light without any glazing and blinding effect.

Interchangeable aluminum heads in 12 sizes (2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 8.0 mm)

Ergonomic curve shape handle has a soft silicone cover. Works for all positions. Perfect for users with arthritis.

1x scissors, 9x crochet markers, 1x tape measure, 1x organizer bag, 1x Leather Case.
Conical head
Smooth surface

Check your meter when working with these hooks. Online reviewers often suggest that the larger sizes in the Lite crochet range are oversized.
Check price today
Your questions answered
Where to buy lighted crochet hooks?
Crochet hooks that light up are available online through many retailers. If you click on the buttons above, you can check which is the best option based on where you live. Please note the shipping costs.

You can also find light crochet hooks at brick-and-mortar craft stores like Michaels and the craft section at Walmart.

Hopefully, this helped you discover if light up crochet hooks are right for you. A useful tool, surprisingly good quality.

The light is projected onto the thread and not just the tip of the hook like others.
Comfortable in any way that holds the hook
Metal tips
It takes 30 minutes to charge and lasts for 6-12 hours
Boye style hook tips"

Some users found the length of the hook a little long.
Click for more information / Buy on Amazon
LED 9 in 1 hook set
LED 9 in 1 hook set
Set features: 1 x storage bag; 1 x Charging Cable; 1 x plastic wrench; 1 x needle handle holder.
9 plastic needle tips (2.5 mm, 3mm, 3.5 mm, 4mm, 4.5 mm, 5mm, 5.5 mm, 6mm, 6.5 mm)
Handle Length: approx.. 4.72 inches / 12cm
Hook Length: approx.. 1.57-1.77 inches / 4-4. 5 cm
This LED crochet hook handle has a built-in lithium battery. It can be recharged and reused. 15 minutes fast charging and long lasting up to 7-9 hours.
USB charging with a wall adapter, power bank, computer, etc.

The ergonomically designed handle is made of rubber.

The hooks are smooth and have no rough edges. The throat of the hook is deep enough to catch the thread, but easy to get into stitches.


It is convenient to use and makes it easy to pressure your hands
There are 2 Light modes: strong and weak
Great for when you are using black thread
Some users found that they did not have their charge
Click for more information / Buy on Amazon
Crochet hooks Lite

MindxYourxCraft returns to customer inquiries promptly.
These are equipped with an LED light. They are great for working in poorly lit areas or if you are working with dark colored thread.

You can choose which size you prefer to use. Sold separately.

Bright light inside the hook to help with dim areas.

Some may not like the plastic hook, as it can squeak
Shipping may take time
Check price today
Lite crochet hooks set

ComandoCraft2009 prides itself on its excellent customer service.
Crochet Lites Hook includes 9 different sizes ranging from 2.5 mm to 6.5 mm and are color coded for ease of use.

Sizes included: 2.5 mm - C, 3.0 mm-D, 3.5 mm-E, 4.0 mm-F, 4.5 mm-G, 5.0 mm-H, 5.5 mm-I, 6.0 mm-J, 6.5 mm-K, 9.0 mm
These hooks are made of durable materials for longer life and are battery operated.

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hooks guide

What You Need To Know About Crochet Hook Sizes

The diameter of a hook shaft determines the hook size and stitch size. Hook sizes are measured in millimeters and are available from as small as 2 mm to 20 mm or larger!

Hooks can be labeled with US sizes, which uses numbers and letters. A U.S. size G hook is 4.25 mm in diameter. In the UK and Canada, they also use numbers.

Australia and New Zealand use metric sizes. The table above is a great reference for comparison.

Generally, the larger or thicker the yarn, the larger the hook you need. Thicker yarn uses a larger crochet hook. There are many techniques to learn in crochet. Understanding crochet hook sizes are just part of the knowledge you need to acquire. Don't worry. It's simple, and the charts below will help you.

For a complete overview of all things crochet hooks, please visit my post - Crochet Hooks - My complete guide to all the different types & Styles.

Crochet is such a wonderful art, full of creative stitches, patterns and beautiful yarns. Knowing the hooks is part of learning.

Steel hooks are also known as "yarn hooks" and should only be used for fine lace yarns. They come in numbered sizes that get larger as the diameter or millimeters get smaller.

These crochet hooks range in size from 0.6 mm thick size 12 to 3.25 mm thick size 00. You can find the conversion for thread hooks above.

How do you know what size crochet hook to use?

Choosing the right size crochet hook follows a process.

In most crochet patterns, they have a suggested gauge with a certain crochet. This shows how many stitches you should have per inch.

You should make a swatch of about 4 inches in the stitch pattern you are going to use in your project. Wash your swatch, let it dry and measure your stitches. Super important for crocheted items like a sweater or top.

If your square is smaller than what the pattern calls for, go up a hook size. Or go down a size if your square is too large.

If you have purchased yarn and don't have a pattern in mind, the label has a suggestion for the size of hook to use and also what gauge you should get.

You will find a crochet hook size to fit the projects you make.


Store for odyssey luxury fur gift sets

Popular brand crochet hook sizes

Some brands don't produce hooks in the sizes, so it's helpful to know what they make so you can have the right hooks from your favorite brands.


Susan Bates

Types of crochet hooks

Types of crochet hooks vary not only in size but in materials they are made from. I go into more detail in my Guide to Crochet Hooks. Below is an overview.

Steel: These crochet hook sizes are the smallest. Refer to the table above. Used for fine yarn crochet, such as rugs.

Aluminum: The most popular hook choice because the yarn slides smoothly. Aluminum crochet hooks are available in a wide range of sizes.

Plastic: Available in a wide range of sizes. Ideal for beginners because they are cost effective.

Bamboo: Available in many sizes but not in the smaller sizes. The largest is 25 mm.

Wood: Wood is used to make crochet hooks as well. They often have beautifully carved handles or are just a regular shape.

Tunisia: Longer than a standard crochet hook. This means more stitches can be held on the hook while working.

Ergonomic: The specially designed shape of the handle is to reduce the strain on your working hand.

The Knook: A long crochet hook with a hole through one end. You thread a piece of yarn through the hole. You can create stitches that look like knitting.

Your questions answered

What is the most common crochet hook size?

A G/H crochet hook, (a 6 in Canada and the UK, and 5.00mm in metric,) is excellent for beginners. It is also used for all types of projects.

How does the size of the Crochet hook affect?

The smaller the hook size, the smaller the yarn gaps and the tighter the connections between loops. For a larger crochet hook, the opposite is true. Keep in mind that yarn weight also affects the finished product.

What if I use a larger crochet hook?

The gauge will be larger, thus making a larger finished item.

What size is a 2.5mm crochet hook?

It is still known as a 2.5mm crochet hook in the US size, as there is no direct equivalent. In the UK/Canada size, it is 12.

What is a size G crochet hook?

In US size, a G size crochet hook is also known as a 6. In metric, it is 4.00mm, and in the United Kingdom and Canada, it is 8.

What is a size 7 crochet hook?

A US size 7 and a UK and Canadian size 7 are the same size, but it is 4.50mm in metric.

What is a size 8 crochet hook?

Also known as a size H in the United States, it is a 6 in Canada and the United Kingdom and is 5.00mm in metric size.

What size crochet blanket hook?

Generally, the best crochet hook size for a blanket is H/8 (5mm). However, it depends on the yarn weight of the yarn you are using.

What size crochet hook for 4 ply wool?

The best size crochet hook for 4 ply wool is 2.50mm - 3.00mm, US E / 4, and 12-9 for UK / Canada. What are all the crochet hook sizes?

Crochet Hook Conversion Table

Metric/AUST/NZUS UK/Canada

2.00 mm-14

2.25 mmB/1

2.50 mm-12

2.75 mmC/2

3.125 mmD -

3.25 mmD/3

3.5 mmE/4 -

3.75 mmF/5 9

4.00 mmG/6

4.25 mm G -

4.50 mm US7 7

5.00 mmH/86

5.50 mmI/9

6.00 mm J/10 4

6.50 mm K/10.5 3

7.00 mm-2

8.00 mmL/11

9.00 mmM/13

10.00 mmN/15

11.50 mm P/16 -

15.75/16 mmQ -

19 mmS -

(Based on Craftsmanship Council standards)

New tools from The Hook Nook. An assortment of Hook Nook tools and hooks on a blue background.

Crochet hook yarn hook sizes/steel hook crochet sizes

U.S. Metric

3.50 mm 00

3.25 mm 0

2.75 mm 1

2.70 mm 00

2.55 mm 0

2.35 mm 1

2.25 mm2

2.20 mm2

2.10 mm 3

2 mm 4

1.90 mm 5

1.80 mm 6

1.75 mm 4/0

1.70 mm 5

1.65 mm 7

1.60 mm 6

Product Description

1.40 mm 9/8

1.30 mm 10

1.25 mm 9/4

1.15 mm 10

1.10 mm 11

1.05 mm 11

1 mm 12/6

0.95 mm 13

0.90 mm 14/8

0.85 mm 13

0.75 mm 14/10

0.60 mm 12

(Based on Craft Yarn Council standards).

Yarn store good yarn

As you can see from the chart, hook size varies from place to place. It is important to know the conversions. Useful when you want to knit a pattern written in another country.

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best crochet hooks

Complete Guide To Crochet Hooks For Yarn Lovers

Without crochet hooks, well, it wouldn't be crochet. They are a unique tool, unlike any other used for fiber arts or yarn crafts.

Crochet hooks rightly have the shape the way they are so the crochet hook can grab knots quickly and get into stitches already created without breaking yarn. Needles and other tools can't do that. Aside from yarn, crochet hooks are an essential tool for making this beloved craft. One without the other, and it's not complete - as if there were no yin to balance the yang!

To become a crocheter, one of the most important things is to know and understand your tools. This post is to help you understand everything you need to know about crochet hooks. What are crochet hooks made of?

The most common ones are made of aluminum, but they are also made of plastic, bamboo and steel. Other, more luxurious versions can be made of different woods, clay, glass and other materials.

They can be normal, custom-made, beautiful, unique, designer or elegant!

Acrylic crochet hooks.

Often in bright colors, lightweight and affordable. A good choice for beginners.

Aluminum crochet hooks

These are the most common and widely used type of staple. Suitable for regular crochet, and this is the perfect choice for beginners. They are also known as basic crochet hooks.

They come in a wide variety of sizes and are suitable for almost any type of project.

(Note: If you don't like the feel or look of aluminum, you can also get regular ones made of bamboo or plastic. The choice is up to you).

Bamboo crochet hooks.

These are lightweight, affordable and made of smooth, renewable material. Sometimes the whole hook is made of bamboo, like Clover Bamboo Crochet Hooks, others are just the shank, like Susan Bates' bamboo crochet hooks.

Glass Crochet Hooks

Handmade and expensive, these are gorgeous and in beautiful colors. Unfortunately, however, they are not very widely available.

Gold crochet hooks

These come in two types: gold plated metal and gold aluminum. The former is much more expensive, but a worthwhile investment.

Metal crochet hooks

Often quite affordable and widely available, these hooks are usually made of aluminum, but can come in other types of metal. Perfect for speed crochet.

Plastic crochet hooks

They are lightweight, hollow and comfortable to hold. They are especially useful for extreme crochet or when you are knitting something bulky like a blanket because it won't be as much of a strain on your wrists.

Polymer clay crochet hooks.

These are regular hooks with a baked polymer clay handle on them so they are ergonomic and comfortable to use. Usually in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns. You can make your own too!

Silver Crochet Hooks

Soft, beautiful and exquisite, these are really special, but are very comfortable to wear. Often a collector's item.

Wooden crochet hooks

Soft, warm to the touch and often very beautiful and handmade, these are a comfortable alternative to metal.

Be conscious of choosing sustainable woods. Although rosewood hooks are beautiful, companies have ceased production of these hooks and chosen other hardwoods that are not endangered. Crochet Hook Styles

There are two types, inline/Bates and tapered/Boye. Here are the differences between each.


This type gets its name from the shape of the throat. It is small in comparison to the rest of the hook. Hook heads have a smooth finish and are curved.

If you have loose tension and need to make something a little tighter, a tapered hook is the perfect thing to help. The narrow throat shape helps keep the tension tight.


The throat on these hooks is the same diameter or 'in-line' as the rest of the hook.

They tend to be quite comfortable and easy to use, the right choice for beginning crocheters.

Whatever you decide, try both to determine which hook shape is best for you.

Both types can come with something called a round grip, designed for people whose crochet hooks roll when they are working.

There is no thumb rest, and the entire hook is the same thickness, top to bottom.

There is also a rubber grip, which is more like a standard grip, but has soft rubber to make it easy to use. What are the different types of crochet hooks?

There are a few different types, here is a breakdown of each kind, their purpose and who they are best suited for.

Bulk crochet hooks, wholesale crochet hooks and cheap crochet hooks.

Buying crochet hooks in bulk online can be a bit tricky, as it's hard to know where to buy from. I've written a post with the best recommendations.

Double-ended crochet hooks

Used for Tunisian crochet or crochet in the round with two colors, these long tools have two hooks, one on each end.

Available in a variety of materials and styles.

Ergonomic crochet hooks

The word ergonomic means designed for performance, ease of use and comfort in the engineering and manufacturing process of a product.

Ergonomic products are designed to be safe and comfortable to use for longer periods of time.

This is a special type of crochet hook designed for those with wrist pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or stress injuries.

They have quite a different handle than the normal models, they are much larger and a different shape, so keep this in mind if you are considering one.

They come in all the sizes you would expect from normal models.

They can be expensive, but some are affordable like Susan Bates ergonomic crochet hooks and Boye ergonomic crochet hooks.

Ergonomic Crochet Hook Handle

Clever gadgets that make your aluminum Boye hooks or Susan Bates Hooks have a more comfortable handle.

Knook crochet hooks

Did you know that it's possible to create crochet knitting that looks like knitting? With this unique type of crochet hook, you can do just that. It's called a knook.

It looks very similar to a regular version, but is usually a little longer and has a small hole drilled in one end.

Use this hole to thread a separate piece of wire through to hold crochet stitches as you crochet.

Lighted crochet hooks

These are pretty much the same as the regular versions, but they have a special and very useful feature.

If you have trouble seeing your crochet in low light conditions or want to watch TV without the overload of light, this crochet hook is the perfect solution.

Designed for situations like these, these light up or glow in the dark crochet hooks! The light is concentrated around the hook end of the tool so you can see your working stitch and others you are putting the hook on.

Deluxe Crochet Hooks

These hooks are almost always handmade, often handcrafted, with meticulous attention to detail and luxurious.

These are some of the most beautiful hooks available.

Novelty crochet hooks

For people who want something unique, or a little different. There are some creative makers who produce the special ones, such as Harry Potter crochet hooks.

Steel crochet hooks

These may look similar to your average version, but only made of steel and a little smaller than other sizes available. But there's a reason they're so small.

They are designed for lace crochet and making super fine designs or patterns like tablecloths or carts. Their size allows them to create beautiful, delicate and intricate stitches.

They are also made of steel so they are easy to grip and so they won't slip when you work with them.

There are some affordable ones like a susan bates steel crochet needle.

Yarn crochet hooks

These are similar to the normal ones, but they are small and thin for crocheting with crochet thread. The size is slightly different.

Tunisian crochet hooks

Tunisian crochet is a unique type of crochet, using a completely different library of stitches compared to regular crochet. Therefore, it makes sense that they would have a specialized tool to complete the craft.

Tunisian crochet hooks are also known as cro crochet hooks or afghan crochet hooks.

They look like long versions of regular crochet hooks, and either have a hook on both ends of the stick or a connecting cord to the ends, both with a hook on each end.

The affordable ones would be something like susan bates tunisian crochet hooks.Crochet hooks - Your questions answered.

Are wooden crochet hooks better?

If you are going for something soft, lighter in weight but not too light, and with a good grip, then yes, wooden crochet hooks are better suited for you.

Does Walmart carry crochet hooks?

Yes, they sell crochet hooks in their craft section, but be sure to check your store of choice for the stock.

Why is the end of a crochet hook pointed?

Because it allows you to get into the already crocheted fabric and create more stitches easily, without snagging the yarn or making it difficult to crochet the next stitch.

Which crochet hook is best for beginners?

Aluminum crochet hooks. They are great because they are affordable, readily available and available in a wide range of sizes and for many different uses.

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ergonomic hooks

Ergonomic Crochet Hooks Guide

What is an ergonomic crochet hook?

Ergonomics is the science of developing and designing products and infrastructure to be as comfortable, efficient and safe as possible.

Ergonomic is the word to describe a product designed for specific criteria.

In this case, the best ergonomic crochet hooks are designed to be easier to use and more comfortable for people in pain.

An excellent choice for crocheters who have tendonitis, arthritis, stress injuries or other complications.

Note: This is not medical advice. It is a review for informational purposes. If you have a medical condition, it is best to ask your doctor.

These crochet hooks are not a cure or treatment for hand pain, but are designed to be comfortable and reduce stress and discomfort in the wrists, fingers and arms.

Anyone can benefit from these great inventions!

If you have constant pain, get it checked out by a doctor. Here are some tips for reducing discomfort when crocheting.

Experiment or get recommendations from doctors to find the best one for you. Some may work for you, others not so much

Use proper lighting to avoid squinting and physical discomfort, especially for your eyes.

Avoid smaller instruments. Use larger ones

Take breaks often

Do hand exercises to stretch your limbs and muscles and avoid aches and pains

Rest your hands on something comfortable, such as a cushion or pillow

Try to maintain correct posture, sitting in a straight-backed chair may be better than the couch for some people.

Make some of these changes, and it will make a world of difference.

New tools from The Hook Nook. An assortment of Hook Nook tools and hooks on a blue background.

The different parts of a crochet hook

A crochet hook may look simple enough. A stick with a hook on the end, hence the name.

It's a bit more complicated. Knowing the anatomy of these essential tools will help you gain insight and help you choose the right one for you.

The two essential parts are the body and the head.

The body is divided into three main parts, a shank, a shaft and a throat. Some hooks also have a thumb rest.

The head is divided into a point, a groove and a lip. The end is sometimes referred to as a tip.

For more information on the anatomy of a crochet hook, Click here.

What are the different types of crochet hooks?

There are two types of crochet hooks. These are tapered and in-line.

Inline crochet hooks have the same width along the length of the hook. The head is the same width as the shaft, and the throat looks like someone has chipped a dent to create a groove. They are also called Bates hooks.

Tapered ones are larger at one end, slowly getting smaller and smaller toward the other, hence the name. The heads are generally slightly larger than the shaft. They are also called Boye Hooks.

Both have a different feel, and you probably know which one you prefer. If you don't, try both and see what you think.

Here are a few more differences between the two.


A sharper, pointier head.

They are straight and do not taper

Hook is the same width as the handle and does not bend or curve

The deep groove makes it easier to hold the working wool in place, perfect for beginners

The sharp head is good and bad. Excellent for inserting the end into the project, although there is a chance it can catch and snag

Some patterns are too sharp and will snag every time, no matter what you do.

Yarn store good yarn


The throat is narrower than the rest of the tool.

The tips are generally softer and rounder than the other type.

Most of the hook is not the same size as the shaft.

If your gauge or tension is tight, these may not fit you because the tapered throat makes the working loop even closer and smaller than you want. Your already tight tension may become too tight!

More comfortable for those with wrist pain. No need to move your hands too much to slide and place loops of yarn on the hook.

Also, less effort to 'wrangle' or get the yarn under control ready to crochet!

For more information on Boye Ergonomic Crochet Hooks, read my post.

These are two basic types, and are divided into specific crochet types and uses. Here is a list of these specially designed models.

Aluminum: Not designed for a specific purpose, but for a multi-purpose model. They are famous for beginners because the yarn slips easily through the hook, much easier to crochet! They come in a wide range of sizes.

Bamboo: Lightweight, soft, comfortable to wear and made from renewable material, what's not to love? They are affordable and come in many sizes.

Ergonomic: This is the type this review focuses on. It has a large soft handle designed for optimal comfort and ease of use. Some allow you to detach the hook from the handle to change it for different ones.

Knook: This is an interesting invention. With this, you can crochet something that looks like knitting! This is through a long crochet hook with a hole in one end.

Plastic: Lightweight, soft and cheap to buy, plastic hooks come in all shapes and sizes. Even in giant quantities, perfect for bulky crochet or broom lace. They're hollow, so they're not a strain on your hands when you're working.

Tunisia: Also known as cro hooks. At first glance, they don't look like a crochet hook because they are much longer and are more similar to knitting needles.

Designed especially for Tunisian crochet, they allow you to hold stitches while you work.

Steel: They have a similar feel to the aluminum ones, but are the smallest available. They are made for fine and small crochet, such as delicate lace or rugs.

Ergonomic Crochet Hooks - Your Questions Answered

Are ergonomic crochet hooks better?

If you are looking for comfort and relief while crocheting, ergonomic hooks are better. If you are looking for something functional to get the job done, standard crochet hooks are good.

Here's a quick comparison between ergonomic crochet hooks and regular crochet hooks.

Ergonomic crochet hooks

A large, sculpted handle (Furls Odyssey & Furls Streamline crochet hooks are great examples of this).

The handle is usually a different material than the rest of the instrument.

Can sometimes be disassembled to interchange ends

Designed for pain relief

Designed for comfort

Normal crochet hooks

Shank is usually smaller, and the same material as the rest of the hook

Cannot come apart

Designed to fit all types of users

Designed for functionality

What type of crochet hooks are best for beginners?

The best size for beginners is an H/8 (5mm). It is usually made of aluminum. It is not too big or too small, and very comfortable to work with. The best thread weight for this size is worsted weight thread.

What is the most popular crochet hook size?

Again, the very versatile H/8 (5mm) size! Perfect for a wide range of projects and uses.

What are the most comfortable crochet hooks?

Ergonomic crochet hooks. They are designed and made to be comfortable first.

How do I choose a crochet hook and yarn?

It is best to choose your yarn first, then examine the label. It will tell you how to choose a crochet hook that best suits the yarn.

Store for good yarn yarn

Are bamboo crochet hooks better?

If you are looking for something lightweight, affordable, capable of being used for a wide variety of projects, yes, bamboo crochet hooks are better.

What size crochet hook should I get?

These instruments come in a variety of sizes. The measurement of a hook is how long the shaft is between the head and the shank. The size of the shank determines the stitch size.

US Sizing uses letters, with B being the smallest, and Q being the largest. All hooks in the United States follow this method, except steel hooks, which use numbers. The larger the number, the smaller the shaft.

The yarn tag should help you, as it has a recommended hook size and stitches every four inches.

In general, the larger or smaller your yarn, the hook should match. If you're not sure, here's a tip to help you out.

If your stitches are too loose, you will need to go down a size. If your stitches are too tight, you need to go up a size.

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