The Yarn Buying Guide You Need

yarn buying guide


How can I buy yarn?
Here is a list of simple steps.

Choose an online yarn store! There is a list below to help you decide.
Choose the perfect yarn.
Add it to your cart, look for anything else you need.
Pay for your order at checkout.
Arrange shipping
Anxiously await arrival near your door.
If you get stuck, don't panic! Just like asking an assistant for help, every yarn company has a dedicated team to help you.

multicolored hand-dyed yarns
This may not be the yarn you're looking for - Get the right one!
Important! Remember these questions as you drool, or should I say, browse yarns.

What type of weight?
What type of fiber?
How much do you need?
What colors?
What kind of yarn?
Can you put it in the washing machine?
Reasonable prices?
What does it come in (hank, skein, ball, cake?)?
What are you making? (Scarves, mittens, hats, a sweater or socks?)
Don't forget yarn tags and symbols!
Yarn labels have a wealth of information on them. Be sure to read them! Take note of these:

Yarn weight - From 0-7, superfine, to super bulky!
Gauge - Remember this is a rough estimate, don't forget a sample first!
Hook Size - The best hook size to use, a match made in heaven.
Amount of yarn - How much yarn you get in a ball
Care Instructions - You want it to last, right?
Make a checklist and check back often when considering a yarn.

Things to remember when buying yarn online
Keep that handy checklist
Be sure to keep track of what you need in your yarn! Refer to your pattern/project guidelines. That way, you won't make a mistake in the details of your yarn needs.

Read all the details!
You probably don't need to spell this out, but read all the details. The yarn labels have lots of helpful instructions on them, so pay attention.

Don't slip on just to miss the fact that it wasn't machine washable, and oops, now it's felt! That would be a disaster.

Keep an eye on customer reviews
Buying anything online means putting your trust in strangers. You can't trust their experience or judgment because it's just a picture on the screen.

Scroll down and read those reviews on the product page - are they positive, negative, any notes or problems they encountered?

Valuable information for you to learn before you click the Buy Now button.

Better to learn from others' mistakes than your own, right?

New tools from The Hook Nook. An assortment of Hook Nook tools and hooks on a blue background.

Beware of bargains and sales
Everyone loves a bargain. For those who like a bargain or savings, there are many ways to go.

Like stores, yarn websites run periodic sales and savings often.
Sign up for the newsletter to keep track of sales. (Sometimes they offer 10% -15% off your first purchase).
Their email lists often have exclusive offers, crochet techniques, tips, tricks and clever ideas.
Follow the company on social media. They sometimes advertise discounts on their channels.
Seasonal sales occur around the big shopping times of the year. Take advantage.
Clearance sales! Yes, online stores too! Winter fibers are in clearance in the warmer months. (Wool, alpaca, mohair, merino.) Summer/spring fibers are in clearance in the cooler months.
Buy a kit. Yarn is cheaper. Plus, you get everything included for one project.
Buy a box or package with a mix of yarns.
Lots of soft, tall yarns.
Refunds, returns and exchanges.
As unfortunate as it may be, sometimes the item you bought just isn't up to par. Maybe there's a defect. It's the wrong color or not the quantity you paid for.

If so, make sure you know the return policy before you buy anything.

What is the best yarn to buy?
It depends on what you need. Consider the following questions. What colors, what weight, what fiber and how much you need. Use your project or pattern as a guide to help you.

If you are making it for someone else, take their considerations into account as well. Customer reviews should help you decide whether to buy it or not.

Where can I buy cheap yarn?
WeCrochet has great deals and savings regularly. Amazon is a great place to buy yarn in bulk at a discounted price, a little cheaper than other stores.

What is the most expensive yarn?
Vicuna is a relative of alpaca and llama from South America and costs about $300 for an ounce! Some very expensive crochet.

Other fancy yarn includes qiviut, Arctic Muskox, extra fine merino, baby alpaca, and the huge fancy yarns.

If you have the budget, it might be something you want to splurge on one day. If you just...

Cashmere and alpaca yarn may come to mind, but there is yarn more expensive than that!

Best places to buy yarn online.
Here it is. A collection of the best online yarn stores on the internet. Go ahead and satisfy your crochet needs.

Some are dedicated to the best yarns. Some branch out into crochet hooks, notions, bags, and everything else a crocheter could need! If you are just buying yarn, beware, you may be tempted to add other items to your cart.

My top recommendations are below.

Finally, an online yarn store dedicated exclusively to crochet and crochet! (1) Hooray! Run by the company that runs Knit Picks, Crafts Americana Inc.

You can expect the same amazing product quality, customer service and affordability.

They have many different ranges, of all kinds of specifications, such as yarn weight. They have extra-fine weight yarn, all the way up to jumbo yarn.

If you've shopped at Knit Picks, there are favorites from their yarn brands designed explicitly for crochet, like Dishie Yarn and Chroma Worsted Yarn.

Key Features.

Dedicated to crocheters
A beautiful place to find everything you need
A vibrant community

Decent shipping rates
Affordable prices
Fast shipping

They only ship to the US, Canada, Australia and the UK currently.
It's all in a name. This store is all about the lovely yarn and inspiring many crafters, crocheters and makers.

Over the years, they have purchased many brands including Lily's Sugar&Cream, Patons, Bernat, Caron, and recently Red Heart. They have a wide selection to match their wealth of brands, great for any type of project and yarn.

They also sell patterns, notions, books, bags and many more crochet related.

Key Features.

Loved by many crocheters, the company has years of knowledge.
A wide range of yarn weights, from extra-fine weight yarn to worsted.
Many popular yarn brands in one convenient location.

Trackable, fast and reliable shipping
Take good care of their customers, fast and friendly customer service.
Email support if you have any problems
Lots of great price ranges
Safe and secure

Crafts of Love
This website doesn't look like a yarn store, but more like a look book or place to find inspiration, patterns, books and helpful techniques and tricks.

Don't let that appearance fool you though. They sell yarn! Exclusive brands on that site, as well as familiar favorites. Their range caters to all tastes.

They sell excellent quality yarn perfect for making a blanket.

(Note: Love Crafts was formerly known as Love Knitting).

Open System.
Key Features.

Complete your yarn of choice with a variety of different patterns, books and inspiration for your crochet project.
Easy to use search filter, choose by fiber, color, weight, etc.

Affordable price range for all budgets
Good return policy
Easy to use and order
International shipping
A friendly and vibrant community of artisans.

Shipping is quite expensive
Fabulous yarn
Just another ordinary online yarn store, right? Not at all.Fabulous Yarn is very deserving of the name.

A small independent yarn company is run by passionate owners who enjoy and practice all kinds of fiber crafts.

They have a small yarn store in Tivoli, New York. An upscale yarn store specializing in handcrafted, beautiful balls in all types of fibers and colors.

They have new daily specials, so keep an eye out for their wonderful products!

It is an extraordinary place. I've never seen another crochet website anything like it. Well worth browsing.

There is excellent sheep and alpaca wool yarn. Lots of beautiful wool dreaming of being added to your yarn stash! Lovely ideas for your next project.

Fabulous yarn
Key Features.

Lots of wonderful skeins and hand-dyed fancy skeins
Have yarn made from wool and vegetable fibers
Focusing on yarn made by independent and small businesses and designers, so you know you're supporting talented people, not just giant manufacturers
They source their yarn ethically
Perfect for gifts for crocheters

Beautiful yarns and many colors available
Fast shipping for orders, and available internationally
Good return policy

A bit of a smaller range than most companies

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