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Complete Guide To Crochet Hooks For Yarn Lovers

best crochet hooks


Without crochet hooks, well, it wouldn't be crochet. They are a unique tool, unlike any other used for fiber arts or yarn crafts.

Crochet hooks rightly have the shape the way they are so the crochet hook can grab knots quickly and get into stitches already created without breaking yarn. Needles and other tools can't do that. Aside from yarn, crochet hooks are an essential tool for making this beloved craft. One without the other, and it's not complete - as if there were no yin to balance the yang!

To become a crocheter, one of the most important things is to know and understand your tools. This post is to help you understand everything you need to know about crochet hooks. What are crochet hooks made of?

The most common ones are made of aluminum, but they are also made of plastic, bamboo and steel. Other, more luxurious versions can be made of different woods, clay, glass and other materials.

They can be normal, custom-made, beautiful, unique, designer or elegant!

Acrylic crochet hooks.

Often in bright colors, lightweight and affordable. A good choice for beginners.

Aluminum crochet hooks

These are the most common and widely used type of staple. Suitable for regular crochet, and this is the perfect choice for beginners. They are also known as basic crochet hooks.

They come in a wide variety of sizes and are suitable for almost any type of project.

(Note: If you don't like the feel or look of aluminum, you can also get regular ones made of bamboo or plastic. The choice is up to you).

Bamboo crochet hooks.

These are lightweight, affordable and made of smooth, renewable material. Sometimes the whole hook is made of bamboo, like Clover Bamboo Crochet Hooks, others are just the shank, like Susan Bates' bamboo crochet hooks.

Glass Crochet Hooks

Handmade and expensive, these are gorgeous and in beautiful colors. Unfortunately, however, they are not very widely available.

Gold crochet hooks

These come in two types: gold plated metal and gold aluminum. The former is much more expensive, but a worthwhile investment.

Metal crochet hooks

Often quite affordable and widely available, these hooks are usually made of aluminum, but can come in other types of metal. Perfect for speed crochet.

Plastic crochet hooks

They are lightweight, hollow and comfortable to hold. They are especially useful for extreme crochet or when you are knitting something bulky like a blanket because it won't be as much of a strain on your wrists.

Polymer clay crochet hooks.

These are regular hooks with a baked polymer clay handle on them so they are ergonomic and comfortable to use. Usually in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns. You can make your own too!

Silver Crochet Hooks

Soft, beautiful and exquisite, these are really special, but are very comfortable to wear. Often a collector's item.

Wooden crochet hooks

Soft, warm to the touch and often very beautiful and handmade, these are a comfortable alternative to metal.

Be conscious of choosing sustainable woods. Although rosewood hooks are beautiful, companies have ceased production of these hooks and chosen other hardwoods that are not endangered. Crochet Hook Styles

There are two types, inline/Bates and tapered/Boye. Here are the differences between each.


This type gets its name from the shape of the throat. It is small in comparison to the rest of the hook. Hook heads have a smooth finish and are curved.

If you have loose tension and need to make something a little tighter, a tapered hook is the perfect thing to help. The narrow throat shape helps keep the tension tight.


The throat on these hooks is the same diameter or 'in-line' as the rest of the hook.

They tend to be quite comfortable and easy to use, the right choice for beginning crocheters.

Whatever you decide, try both to determine which hook shape is best for you.

Both types can come with something called a round grip, designed for people whose crochet hooks roll when they are working.

There is no thumb rest, and the entire hook is the same thickness, top to bottom.

There is also a rubber grip, which is more like a standard grip, but has soft rubber to make it easy to use. What are the different types of crochet hooks?

There are a few different types, here is a breakdown of each kind, their purpose and who they are best suited for.

Bulk crochet hooks, wholesale crochet hooks and cheap crochet hooks.

Buying crochet hooks in bulk online can be a bit tricky, as it's hard to know where to buy from. I've written a post with the best recommendations.

Double-ended crochet hooks

Used for Tunisian crochet or crochet in the round with two colors, these long tools have two hooks, one on each end.

Available in a variety of materials and styles.

Ergonomic crochet hooks

The word ergonomic means designed for performance, ease of use and comfort in the engineering and manufacturing process of a product.

Ergonomic products are designed to be safe and comfortable to use for longer periods of time.

This is a special type of crochet hook designed for those with wrist pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or stress injuries.

They have quite a different handle than the normal models, they are much larger and a different shape, so keep this in mind if you are considering one.

They come in all the sizes you would expect from normal models.

They can be expensive, but some are affordable like Susan Bates ergonomic crochet hooks and Boye ergonomic crochet hooks.

Ergonomic Crochet Hook Handle

Clever gadgets that make your aluminum Boye hooks or Susan Bates Hooks have a more comfortable handle.

Knook crochet hooks

Did you know that it's possible to create crochet knitting that looks like knitting? With this unique type of crochet hook, you can do just that. It's called a knook.

It looks very similar to a regular version, but is usually a little longer and has a small hole drilled in one end.

Use this hole to thread a separate piece of wire through to hold crochet stitches as you crochet.

Lighted crochet hooks

These are pretty much the same as the regular versions, but they have a special and very useful feature.

If you have trouble seeing your crochet in low light conditions or want to watch TV without the overload of light, this crochet hook is the perfect solution.

Designed for situations like these, these light up or glow in the dark crochet hooks! The light is concentrated around the hook end of the tool so you can see your working stitch and others you are putting the hook on.

Deluxe Crochet Hooks

These hooks are almost always handmade, often handcrafted, with meticulous attention to detail and luxurious.

These are some of the most beautiful hooks available.

Novelty crochet hooks

For people who want something unique, or a little different. There are some creative makers who produce the special ones, such as Harry Potter crochet hooks.

Steel crochet hooks

These may look similar to your average version, but only made of steel and a little smaller than other sizes available. But there's a reason they're so small.

They are designed for lace crochet and making super fine designs or patterns like tablecloths or carts. Their size allows them to create beautiful, delicate and intricate stitches.

They are also made of steel so they are easy to grip and so they won't slip when you work with them.

There are some affordable ones like a susan bates steel crochet needle.

Yarn crochet hooks

These are similar to the normal ones, but they are small and thin for crocheting with crochet thread. The size is slightly different.

Tunisian crochet hooks

Tunisian crochet is a unique type of crochet, using a completely different library of stitches compared to regular crochet. Therefore, it makes sense that they would have a specialized tool to complete the craft.

Tunisian crochet hooks are also known as cro crochet hooks or afghan crochet hooks.

They look like long versions of regular crochet hooks, and either have a hook on both ends of the stick or a connecting cord to the ends, both with a hook on each end.

The affordable ones would be something like susan bates tunisian crochet hooks.Crochet hooks - Your questions answered.

Are wooden crochet hooks better?

If you are going for something soft, lighter in weight but not too light, and with a good grip, then yes, wooden crochet hooks are better suited for you.

Does Walmart carry crochet hooks?

Yes, they sell crochet hooks in their craft section, but be sure to check your store of choice for the stock.

Why is the end of a crochet hook pointed?

Because it allows you to get into the already crocheted fabric and create more stitches easily, without snagging the yarn or making it difficult to crochet the next stitch.

Which crochet hook is best for beginners?

Aluminum crochet hooks. They are great because they are affordable, readily available and available in a wide range of sizes and for many different uses.

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