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The Crochet Starter Guide Every Beginner Needs

crochet starter guide


Think of a crochet starter kit as a one-stop box of everything you need to kickstart learning to crochet.

Thinking about starting crochet, or ready to dive right into this enjoyable hobby? Welcome I warmly join you on this crochet journey, as I am still learning and practicing every day.
Here are crochet kits for beginners, perfect for learning how to make the creation of your dreams. What is a Crochet Kit?
A kit is a collection of items all packaged together designed for a specific purpose or project. They are convenient because instead of making a list of everything you need, it comes ready in a package for one price.
So a crochet kit has all the equipment needed for a specific crochet project and helps you learn to crochet.

There are a few types of crochet kits.
Some are single project kits, as in they have all the elements included for a crochet item and nothing else. Some of these types include yarn, and some do not.
Some are beginner crochet kits, as they have everything you need to start crocheting. They may or may not include yarn, and most have an instruction booklet with several different projects for you to try.
An amigurumi kit includes everything to make one or more amigurumi creations. They almost always have yarn. These are not the best choice for beginners, though, as they are pretty complicated crocheted things.
New tools from The Hook Nook. An assortment of Hook Nook tools and hooks on a blue background.

Why should you get Crochet Starter Kits for beginners?
Crochet starter kits are perfect for beginners because of the following reasons.

Convenience - Everything you need comes in one package, ready to go.
Time saving - No need to spend hours searching online for each product. Just find the one you want, and you're good to go!
Value - Bang for your investment as all products come under one price, and sometimes you won't be able to find things in kits anywhere else.
Affordability - Since everything is all together, you save money buying a bundle than everything separately. Plus, shipping is cheaper the fewer items you have in your cart.
Educational - Get out of your comfort zone, learn something new and gain more confidence in your crochet skills and crochet stitch repertoire.
Easy - Not too difficult, but just that right combination of familiar, enjoyable, and a little challenging.
Helpful - Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions are included to guide you from your first stitch to right to cast off.
Regardless of skill level, a beginner's kit is still useful for advanced crocheters if you want to relax with an easier project. Without having to worry about what you buy beforehand!

Crochet Starter Kits - Your Questions Answered
What is the best size crochet hook for beginners?
The best size crochet hook for beginners is size 5.0mm. It is large enough to hold comfortably but small enough not to be cumbersome. It creates stitches easily, and it's not too complicated to get your hook in either.

What does it take to get started crocheting?
Here's a checklist.

A crochet hook or more than one - (if the pattern requires different/multiple hook sizes)
Tapestry Needle - (to weave in the ends)
Scissors - (to cut the yarn if needed)
A pattern or project idea - (after all, you need a plan to create!)
What are the best crochet hooks?
The best crochet hooks for when you are just starting out are aluminum crochet hooks, size 5.0mm. It's flexible for a wide range of projects, easy to grip and use, and the stitches you create with it are just the right size to practice with.
Not only that, but they are also very affordable. Perfect for beginners!

Which is better to knit or crochet?
It depends on your preference. Both are equally excellent, fun and satisfying crafts. But for a true beginner, in terms of which is easier, crochet is better. Much simpler and quicker to learn than knitting.

I've written a post about the differences, benefits, and similarities between knitting and crochet. Read crochet vs knitting here.
Things to consider in the best crochet starter kit.
Does it include one or more crochet hooks?
These, along with yarn, are the most necessary materials for crocheting! Make sure they are included in the kit. Sometimes another size will be needed for different parts of the creation, so check to make sure they are in the kit.

Do you have yarn?
Not all crochet kits have balls of yarn. Often you will have to buy it separately. This is good if you want to choose for yourself, but not so good in terms of convenience.

If it does have it, it will generally be more expensive than those that don't. Decide what works best for you.

What about a tapestry needle?
A tapestry needle is a small needle with a large eye (the hole you put the thread through). It's for sewing crocheted pieces together and weaving the ends in. (It is also called a yarn needle or a darning needle).

A beneficial tool that is often forgotten about until the moment you need it - make sure your beginner crochet kit has one of these!

(Don't forget to make sure the yarn will fit the needle. You don't want to have a thick weight yarn only to have the needle be too small).

Don't forget the stitch markers!
Nifty little tools to help you keep track of pattern and stitch changes. A stitch counter generally looks similar to safety pins. Yes, you can use a scrap piece of yarn if they are not included.

But it's nice to have a set of stitch markers that stand out against whatever yarn you are working on.

Is that a tape measure in the contents?
This is important! Before you begin any project, you should start with the basics. Make a sample to test your gauge and see if it is correct according to the instructions. A tape measure helps you make sure it is the right size.

What kind of accessories are included?
Pay close attention to the list of contents, so you have an idea of what is in the kit. The basics include all the items mentioned above, such as the instruction booklet with projects and patterns for beginners.

Other things are not essential, but good to have.

Are the instructions included and are they clear to understand?
An instruction manual or instruction book, if there are several projects, is essential. Read customer reviews and look at previews of items to see if the instructions are clear and easy to understand.

Sometimes, beginner crochet kits' content might only be for one creation, but they will include bonus projects.

Is there an individual guarantee on each of the items?
Sometimes things in a kit will be in excellent working order, but one item doesn't work, unfortunately. Read the warranty policy to see if you can replace that item or if you have to replace the whole thing.

What about the return policy?
In the unlikely event of a product mishap, you don't want a complicated and unfair policy that prevents you from enjoying the crochet kit!

Is the price worth the value of the kit?
If you are on a budget, one money saving tip is to evaluate all the products included in a kit, and add up the price of all of them separately, and compare. It will tell you which is cheaper, but in general, a kit is more reasonable.

I don't want to blow your budget in your quest to learn to crochet.

The Best Crochet Starter Kit
Here are some suggestions for getting started in this fabulous craft.

Crochet kit with bow ear warmer
Darn Nice Yarn Ear Warmer Crochet Kit
Get the best of both worlds with this traditional yet contemporary Bow Earwarmer Crochet Kit. Each kit comes with 1 skein of speckled Tweed and a digital pattern download.

Downloadable Digital Pattern
Ideal for beginners, as it only requires simple stitches.

If you prefer a paper pattern, you would have to print it yourself Crochet Learn to crochet Kit dishcloth Bloom
We Crochet Learn to Crochet Kit dishcloth bloom
Kitchen towels are a lovely functional and practical project to learn to crochet. Once you've made one, you'll be eager to make more.

Kit includes:

Learn To Crochet Club: the dishcloth, beginner's instruction booklet.
3 balls of Dishie yarn (1 each in Azure, Begonia and Sunshine Multi)
U.S. size J-10 (6 mm) Caspian crochet hook needle
a yarn needle

Includes everything needed to complete a crocheted dishcloth.
Fun and bright colors

Only comes in the colors listed Beginner Crochet Kit - Towelette
Beginner Crochet Kit - Towelette
Kitchen towels make great gifts, and once you learn the basics, you can try all kinds of different patterns.

This starter kit includes the pattern in a DIGITAL VERSION ONLY that you can print out or use online, the hook and cotton yarn you'll need to make your project, and all the videos you'll need to watch and learn.

(All videos and pattern will be sent in an email digitally after purchase) The hook and yarn will be mailed.


Simple stitch to learn and master

Very limited choice of yarn color Learn To Crochet Kit for both children and adults
Autumn Acorn Learn To Crochet Kit for Kids and Adults
A lovely gift for yourself to start your crochet journey or for someone else who would love to have a go at crochet.

Included in the kit - approx. 1 mini-skein (20 grams/80 yards) or 2 mini-skeins (10 grams/40 yards each) colors will vary -
One wooden crochet hook
A wooden acorn
A fun progress keeper
A yarn needle
How-to instructions
Easy to carry drawstring bag!

Great for kids or adults

You can't choose your colors, but you can choose girl or boy and boy or adult at checkout.

Get Hooked Learn to Crochet Kit
Nomad Yarns Get Hooked Learn to Crochet Kit
Nomad Yarn instructions take you from the beginning of the crochet chain through more intricate stitches to create an attractive sample to show off your new skills.

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