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How To Knit A Triangular Shawl?

Cast on a few stitches (three is plenty, but you may easily cast on more if you prefer), knit each row, and work increases along both sides to make a triangular shawl that starts at the bottom point. Simply bind off when the triangular form is as deep as you like.

Similarly, How many stitches do you need for a triangular shawl?

Also, it is asked, What size should a triangular shawl be?

YardageYARN TYPEYARN LENGTH FROM CENTER-BACK NECKLINE TO TIP OF TRIANGLE 18″ neckerchief36-40″ full-length shawl 1250 – 1525 yards of lace (1150 – 1400 m) 300 yards (275 m) 1000 – 1250 yards (925 – 1150 meters) of fingering weight 250 yards (225 m) 900 – 1100 yards (825 – 1000 m) Sport / DK weight 225 yards (200 m) 1 more row.

Secondly, Can you knit a shawl on straight needles?

Straight needles may be used to knit a shawl. Because many shawls are knit flat in rows, a large pair of straight needles would be an excellent choice for knitting. If you’re knitting a heavier shawl (with thicker yarn), it can be simpler to use a large circular needle so the cable can support the shawl’s weight.

Also, How do you knit a small triangle?

Beginning at the Beginning Cast on enough stitches to make the base of your triangle; the greater the triangle, the more stitches you cast on. Begin knitting the first row. Knit the first stitch, then knit the second and third stitches together (k2tog) Knit until the last three stitches are reached, then knit two stitches together (k2tog) and knit the last stitch.

People also ask, What size should a shawl be?

Shawls often range in size from 30 to 45 inches broad to 70 to 85 inches long.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you crochet the bottom of the triangle?

Steps Make a network of foundations. Crochet a single stitch across the chain. Chain four stitches together. Pick up stitches and yarn over. Make seven loops in your drawing. Make two chain stitches in a row. Create a new triangular stitch. Rep till the row is complete.

How long should a triangle scarf be?

Triangle scarves should be at least 50″ in diameter. I work on the assumption that a nice triangular scarf should be at least 50″ across. However, I like scarves that are big enough that when worn around my neck, the ends are far enough forward to hold the scarf in place.

What is a triangle scarf?

The triangular scarf is one of the most mysterious and complicated scarf styles. Unlike most scarves, which are created from a long rectangular strip of fabric, triangular scarves take a certain amount of care to attain the exquisite effect that the bold, dramatic triangle design promises.

What is the best shape for a shawl?

A shawl with a long rectangular base is perhaps the easiest to wear. The ends may be pointy or angled, but they come into this category if the overall form is long and thin. Long slim shawls, worn like scarves and wrapped once or twice over your neck, are simple to put on and remain put.


The “triangular shawl knitting pattern free” is a triangular shawl that can be knit with three colors of yarn. The pattern includes instructions and pictures to help you along.

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