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How To Read Yarn Labels?

Similarly, What do symbols on yarn label mean?

These symbols suggest how to properly care for an item manufactured from the yarn. When presenting a hand knitted or crocheted item as a gift, including a label from the ball or skein of yarn used for the production is quite useful in informing the recipient about how to care for the item.

Also, it is asked, How do you read yarn numbers?

The first number indicates the size of each ply in the yarn. The second number is the number of plies in the yarn. 3/2 denotes two plies of size three yarn, whereas 5/2 denotes two plies of size five yarn. The bigger the number describing the size, the thinner the yarn.

Secondly, What are yarn weight categories?

Yarn Weight Categories and Standards in the United States Lace – Weight 0 Super Fine is the first weight. Weight 2 – Excellent. 3 – Lightweight 4 – Medium weight Bulky (weight 5) Weight 6 – Extremely Bulky Jumbo (weight 7)

Also, What is DK weight yarn?

DK yarns are lighter than worsted yarns but thicker than sport yarns. On the Standard Yarn Weight System, DK yarn is comparable to #3 Light. It’s often utilized in newborn and lightweight clothing. On a US 4-6 needle, DK gauge is 5-6 stitches per inch.

People also ask, What is a worsted weight yarn?

Worsted weight yarn is somewhat thicker than DK weight and thinner than bulky yarn, it is the most widely used weight. Aran weight yarn and heavy worsted weight yarn are examples of worsted weight yarn. Worsted weight yarn is ideal for sweaters, afghans, and other accessories.

Related Questions and Answers

What does gram mean in yarn?

What Does 50g In Yarn Mean? The symbol for “50 grams” is 50g. This relates to the weight of the yarn. The weight of 50 grams of yarn is roughly 1.76 ounces. If you have two 50-gram balls, you will have a 100-gram ball of yarn.

What is a number 5 yarn?

5—Bulky (Chunky, Craft, Rug) Bulky yarn is about double the thickness of worsted weight yarn. When using big needles/hooks, it typically knits up rapidly and is perfect for sweaters, scarves, carpets, and wraps. 6—Extremely Bulky (Roving) A thick yarn that knits up fast is called super bulky yarn.

What is a number 6 yarn?

Super Bulky weight yarns knit up rapidly for a wide range of items, including blankets, afghans, accessories, and warm clothing. 7-11 stitches over 4 inches in knitting and 7-9 stitches over 4 inches in single crochet are suggested gauges for these CYC #6 yarns.

What is number 4 medium yarn?

The most common thickness in knitting and crochet is medium weight, sometimes known as worsted weight yarn. The yarn label for this weight will have the #4 weight symbol and the word “medium” on it. Worsted weight yarn is perfect for knitting and crocheting clothing, accessories, blankets, and other home décor items.

What weight is 3.5 oz yarn?

2.5 stitches per inch, 120 yards/3.5 oz. Super Bulky

Is 4 ply same as DK?

The structure of a 4 ply yarn ply (lace weight), DK was formerly known as 10 ply, and 4 ply is in the middle. This was fantastic, and it was clear that 2 strands of 4 ply are almost the same thickness as DK, and 2 strands of lace weight are roughly the same thickness as 4 ply.

Is worsted yarn the same as DK?

Is worsted yarn the same as DK yarn? No. Worsted is a heavier yarn than DK. Worsted yarn is frequently referred to as 10 ply, whilst DK yarn is referred to as 8 ply.

How can I tell if yarn is wool or acrylic?

Make an attempt to set the yarn’s end on fire. Wool is anything that doesn’t catch readily, smells like burning hair, and has a burned finish. It’s acrylic if it smells like burning plastic and leaves a melted blob at the end.

How many mm is #4 yarn?

Worsted yarn (weight 4): Medium (sometimes known as worsted) yarn: Knitting needles, sizes 7 to 9, 4.5 to 5.5 mm 5.5 to 6.5 mm crochet hooks, or sizes I–9 to K–10 12

What is DK 11 WPI yarn?

Light (DK, Light Worsted, 11-15 WPI) Medium (Worsted, Aran, Afghan, 9-12 WPI) Bulky (Chunky, Craft, Rug, 6-9 WPI)

Can I use worsted instead of DK?

Because dk is thinner, you’d have to increase the needle size to match the worsted gauge. However, you could receive a fragile fabric. You may give it a go and see how you like it.

How do I know if my yarn is DK?

There is a method to tell, don’t worry! Wraps per inch will be used at this point (wpi). Checking how many stitches a yarn receives for gauge will also give you a sense of its DK weight. It’s most likely worsted if the knitting gauge is between 33 and 40 stitches per inch.

What does Aran yarn mean?

Aran yarn is sometimes known as “medium yarn.” They are thicker than DK yarns and are frequently more stiff and stronger. You might choose Aran if you require a thicker yarn with a delicate appearance. This phrase is often confused with the genuine Aran sweaters.

Is Red Heart yarn worsted weight?

Yarn Pack of 6, 7oz Red Heart Yarn Super Saver 100% Acrylic Worsted Weight Yarn for Knitting and Crocheting (White)

What does 100g mean on yarn?

Check the label on the thickest material you can locate. The weight of the puffed, thick yarn ball will be 100 grams. Now seek for some thin material. Check the label since it’s probably sock yarn.

How long is 50g of yarn?

In chunky, 50 grams equals 80 yards, in worsted, 100-120 yards, in DK, 150 yards, and in laceweight, 200 yards.

Is 6 ply the same as DK?

6 ply sock yarns have more of a double knit (DK) weight than standard sock yarns, which are usually 4 ply. Sock yarns with 6 plies knit up quicker and provide a bigger, warmer sock.


The “yarn label cheat sheet” is a helpful guide that provides information on how to read yarn labels. It includes the most common types of yarn, the number of yards per skein, and more.

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To read the label on a ball of yarn, you can either hold it up to the light or use a magnifying glass. You will see that there are three lines of text on the label: “size” “weight” and “yarn type.” The first two numbers indicate the size and weight in ounces, while the last number is an indicator of what type of yarn it is. Reference: how to read yarn label lion brand.

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