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Review Of Yarn Winder From Michaels

Yarn Winder From Michaels


Did you know that you can buy a yarn ball winder from Michaels, the ever popular craft store? Yes, you can, but is it really worth it, is this product any good and if so, who is it best suited for?

Michaels is a well-known craft store based in the U.S. and has an online store and stores nationwide - for many years, they never stocked yarn winders, until now!

Their main and only product in terms of yarn winders.

Here is an honest review of The Loops & Threads ™ Yarn Ball Winder from Michaels. The Loops & Threads™ Yarn Winder.
Yarn Winder by Loops & Threads.
It is quite different from most yarn winders you may have seen, most notably in design. Unlike most thread winders, it has a solid base.

It can sit on a table or similar surface without the need for the table clamp to keep it stable.

Although it is a good idea to use the table clamp if you are concerned about it slipping or accidentally moving when you don't want it to. This feature is removable and easily reattaches so you can use it as you wish.

The main feature of this excellent invention is to transform the yarn into a center-pull yarn cake ready immediately for crocheting. It winds horizontally, and the crank is on the other side of the bobbin.

What's in the box
The yarn winder
Removable table clamp
Instructions on how to use and set up
It is a smaller model than other ball thread winders, measuring approximately 5" x 3" x 5 3/4".
Winds up to 4 oz of yarn at a time.
Creates center pull yarn cakes for easy crocheting.
Compact design without being cramped or hard to use, this is a great option if you have limited space.
Minimal assembly required
Simple and easy to use and set up.
Cheaper than other models on the market, the perfect choice for those on a budget.
Economical and a great first yarn winder or for those who don't have a lot of yarn they need to wind.
The gear shaft is fully protected and covered, so your hand won't get snagged.
It only comes in one color, white with a black base and silver metal parts.
It is not capable of winding a lot of yarn at a time, it is only capable of winding up to 4 oz of yarn.
It can be quite noisy when in operation, but customers have suggested that if you have this problem persistently, use a little oil to lubricate the gears. (You're going to have to unscrew the cover to get to the device).
It may squeak noisily when you start the handle.
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Is a Michaels thread winder worth it?
Yes, depending on your individual needs, preferences for your budget, and how much yarn you need to wind.

Is it worth it for you if -

You are on a budget or want to try something cheaper before committing to a larger, more expensive model.
You want something simple, functional and no frills to get the job done.
You are willing to accept things that may not work perfectly, and there may be some problems to solve or deal with before it works very well.
If you don't need to do a lot of winding or only have skeins or smaller skeins to wind.
You have limited space or don't want something that is going to take up too much room.
All in all, it's a good choice for your first yarn winder to try before you're ready to commit to something more substantial. Suitable for the beginner or hobby crocheter.

However, if you're a little more advanced, looking to wind a lot of yarn or want something that can hold some serious starter, this yarn winder isn't going to be right for you.

Maybe you're looking for something bigger, or sturdier, or you're ready to commit to a larger version.

If so, this is our top pick for the best all-rounder. I recommend the Stanwood Needlecraft Large Metal - 10 Oz Yarn Ball Winder.

Stanwood Needlecraft Large Metal Yarn / Fiber / Wool / Yarn Ball Winder - 10 oz
It is sturdy, guaranteed to last for years, has many well rated customer reviews. It also has a large enough capacity of thread to wind that it will fit almost anyone.

Plus, it's smooth, quiet, easy to crank and a breeze to set up.

If you're looking for more options, here are the best hand-selected yarn winders in my review. Check them out here.

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How to use a Michaels thread winder.
Choose a space to set up. If the surface may be damaged, place a cloth underneath first before setting up your tools. If you have a fast thread, place it 12-18 inches from your winder.

This will help you maintain a constant tension when winding the thread cakes.

Clamp both securely to the surface and you are ready to start setting them up. Check to make sure they are both secure.

Putting the yarn on the Swift
Unwind the skein or skein and remove the loops, so it is a ring of yarn. Do not cut the yarn when removing the loops.

Find the two ends, checking that they are not tangled.

Most swifts are in the umbrella style. Push the button at the bottom of the pole up. The arms will expand.

Place the ring around the arms.

Make sure the thread is tight around the swift arms.

Thread the thread onto the winder.
Find the outer end. You need to connect this to the bobbin winder.

Thread it through the metal thread guide and the slot in the spindle.

Create your first center-pull yarn cake
Crank the handle, slowly at first.

Guide the thread between the two instruments. This allows you to control the tension.

You can wind a little faster now.

Remove your newly created yarn cake
In one hand, hold the yarn in the slot at the top of the bobbin winder. Remove the yarn cake from the yarn winder.

Unwind part of the yarn. Wrap the length around the middle and tuck the end into the center of the cake.

Congratulations on creating your first yarn cake! Here are many more beautiful yarn cakes.

(An important note: You don't have to use a quickie in combination with this tool if you don't want or don't have one. If you so choose, the unique design means you can wind directly from a skein of yarn or ball).

Your questions answered
How do I use the yarn loop and yarn winder?
It is fairly simple to use and set up, but requires a bit of work before you can get up and running and start winding. For those of you who are visual learners, here's a video that explains how.

Christy Vandeusen explains in this excellent video with a helpful tutorial on how to use Loops & Threads Yarn Winder.

Do you guys get yarn winder from Michael's sale?
Yes, they do! Their flagship yarn ball winder is the Loops & Threads Yarn Winder, which is the best of their products.

It is also the only yarn winder they sell, if you are looking for other brands, you will need to find another store to buy from.

There you have it. I hope you have found this review useful to help you decide if this tool is right for you.

It is certainly not the best product available on the market, but it is an excellent first or budget choice for the beginning crocheter or fiber arts enthusiast.

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