Crocheting Gifts Ideas

Crocheting Gifts Ideas For Yarn Lovers

A fabulous variety of gifts crocheters will love. Gift something useful, functional and fun. Check out the gifts for crocheters goodness below.

Friends, family or even yourself would love to receive these gifts for crocheters. There are suggestions for gifts big and small, something for every budget.

Gifts For Crocheters
Crochet Stitch Dictionary
Crochet Stitch Dictionary
So many new stitch patterns to try. With over 200 stitches, there's plenty of inspiration for designs and projects.

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Curio Complete Value Pack #10
Look at all these beautiful colors! A mercerized 2-ply #10 mercerized crochet yarn perfect for all kinds of projects.

We crochet value pack contains:

23 balls of Curio #10 (1 of each color).
Total Yards: 16,583
WeCrochet also has other great crochet gift ideas.

Full value pack of Curio #10 at We Crochet.
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Yarn Drum
This lightweight tote features:

Holds up to 8 standard size skeins.
Textured PVC base keeps dry on wet surfaces.
Can be carried three ways: easy grip handle or shoulder strap, carry horizontally or vertically.
Accessory pouch stores small supplies, such as knitting needles.
Mesh pocket perfect for crochet patterns and books.
Ideal for yarn storage.

Yarn Drum
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ODYSSEY deluxe store hooks gift sets
Hands Free Light
Hands Free Light
When you need a little extra light. Hands free and light.

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Canvas tote bags
Add humor to your crochet! Carry yarn and projects in these fun yarn storage bags.

Cafe Press Crochet Funny Crochet Canvas Tote Bag
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I Crochet and have the balls to prove it canvas bag.
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Ergonomic Crochet Hook
Furls Odessy nickel-plated pewter hook with peach resin handle
Furls Odyssey nickel-plated pewter collar is chrome-smooth. Easy stitches and great crochet speed.

Unique center balance decreases hand strain. It is streamlined, comfortable and relieves acute stress on hands, knuckles and wrists.

An extra special gift idea for that extra special person.

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Tulip Etimo pink tulip crochet hook set
Tulip Etimo pink tulip crochet hook set craftsByKRod Etsy Store.
This gorgeous set includes ten hooks in sizes 2mm, 2.2mm, 2.2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm and 6mm; scissors; yarn needles; and a case with a tassel.

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Mosaic crochet tote bag pattern kit
We Crochet Mosaic Tote Bag Kit
This kit from We Crochet uses mosaic crochet stitches. Perfect for going to the stores.

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Regular hook crochet set made of radiant wood.
Lightweight and functional. This set of wooden crochet hooks includes a range of sizes - 8 in total.

E-4 (3.5mm)
F-5 (3.75mm)
G-6 (4.0mm)
Product Description)
Product Description)
I-9 (5.5mm)
J-10 (6.0mm)
Data coding method:)
Wooden crochet hooks radiant by stitch selections
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Maplewood Yarn Bowl with Mother of Pearl Inlay
Yarn Bowls keeps your yarn from wandering away, keeping it clean and dust free. This wooden bowl has a beautiful mother of pearl inlay.

Maple wood yarn bowl with mother of pearl inlay by We Crochet.
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Stress Relief Gloves
Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves
These gloves relieve pain without restricting your movement. They are lightweight and fingerless with supportive comfort to the vital areas of the hand and wrist.

Made of a tightly woven Spandex/nylon fabric, they help keep hands warm, improving blood flow and massaging muscles.

An excellent gift for crocheters.

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Yarn Ball Winder
Stanwood Needlecraft Large Metal Yarn Ball Winder
This is an accessory that every crocheter should invest in. Why not give the gift of perfectly wound balls of yarn? The Stanwood Needlecraft Large Metal Yarn Ball Winder handles larger skeins of yarn up to 10 ounces.

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Swift Yarn
Stanwood Needlecraft medium size swift
The Stanwood Needlecraft medium size swift winds skeins into balls into beautiful cakes of neat yarn.

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Blocking Board
With this tool, you can block from 12" to 1/2" or up to 6" squares in half inch increments!

Chetnigans 12 Inch Blocking Board
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Cutter Collar
Clover Cutter Collar
Perfect for crocheting on the go. A functional necklace with a leaf on the open areas of the edges around the center of the disc. Attach to a chain or crochet chain/ribbon for your neck, or pop in a project bag.

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Fun T-shirts
I crochet so I don't unravel the t-shirt.
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Printable crochet notebook
Organize your yarn stash, pattern stash, needles, hooks and projects in one place with this crochet/knitting journal.

Crochet Journal Printables
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Personalized crochet pillow
Poppy and petal personalized crochet pillow.
Printed on a beautiful cotton fabric, and made into a zippered cushion cover in your workshop and finished with a poppy and petal tag. This cushion makes a perfect, unique gift for the special crochet lover in your life.

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Personalized crochet notions bag
Kelly Connor Designs Personalized Notions Bag
This personalized crochet hook bag would make a beautiful gift for your crochet loved one. It's cute and practical - this little bag looks great and will come in handy, storing your crochet hooks.

100% cotton canvas. Black cotton lining. 21cm (w) x 16cm (h). Holds hooks up to 19cm long.

Brown Crochet Sleep Crochet Sleeping Bag Project Repeat
It's the life of a crocheter! A cute bag with a fun phrase to keep works in progress and hooks together.

Coffee Crochet sleep crochet repeat project bag
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Sheep Stitch Markers
These are adorable! Use them to mark where pattern changes occur and every time you come to one of these. Their cuteness will make you smile.
One of many cute but functional crochet gift ideas.

Sheep stitch markers that crochet
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Yarn Puzzle
Yarn puzzles 1000 units
For lovers of yarn and puzzles. Fun for the whole family with 1000 pieces. Measures 26.625 by 19.25 inches when complete.

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Sterling silver hoop string ball earrings.
Sweet earrings to show how much you love yarn! Made of sterling silver by DreamSpiralArt Each wireball measures approximately 10mm in diameter. Earrings dangle approximately 1.5 inches in total length.

Silver Hoop Yarn Ball Earrings by Dream Spiral Art on Etsy
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Grandma's Square Enamel Pin.
Use your crochet love. These granny square enamel pins by Ricra Sews can be placed on clothing, bags and project bags.

Ricra Sews granny square enamel pin.
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Crochet Pendant
Antique bronze pendant necklace for a true crochet fan. The pendant is filled with miniature balls of yarn and a hand-carved miniature crochet ready to wear by Crochet Knit Jewelry.

Half-round glass globe: 2 cm in diameter
Necklace length: silver plated bronze or silver plated chain 45cm

Crochet pendant by Crochet Knit Jewelry
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Noise canceling headphones
BOSE Rose Gold Noise Canceling Headphones
For those times when you want to crochet and relax with your favorite music or podcast. You also obviously don't want to be disturbed, so counting is a breeze.

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Hooked on crochet mug
Hooked on Crochet Mug
Have a little fun with your coffee or tea - people will know your passion!

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Cuddly Amigurumi Toys by Mari-Liis Lille
A collection of 10 gorgeous Amigurumi toys and crochet patterns to make.
The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Patterns: 500 Classic & Original Crochet Patterns (Complete Crochet Patterns)
The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs: 500 Classic & Original Crochet Patterns (Complete Crochet Designs)
You'll never be lost for inspiration with all these beautiful designs.

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Crochet Hook Case
A great gift idea. Keep your hooks neat and organized in this case by We Crochet.

Crochet Hook Organizer by We Crochet
Check price at We Crochet
Clover Pom Pom maker
Clover Pom Pom maker
Crocheted hats with pom poms look cool! This Pom Pom maker creates large and small pom poms easily.

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Crochet Labels
Crochet Labels
Sew these tags to handmade garments. You can personalize them with embroidery or fabric markers.

These are some very useful gift ideas for crocheters.

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Wall hanging

Bowl or rainbow? The same pattern can be hung upside down and right side up for two completely different looks. One gorgeous pattern for 1 Woof dog.

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Crochet striped crochet afghan club by Annie
Annie's Crochet Stripes Afghan Club is a monthly subscription filled with all the yarn you need to crochet a beautiful afghan.

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best yarn

How To Choose The Best Type Of Yarn

There are many, many types of yarn! How the heck are you supposed to know which ones are best for which projects?

You've probably heard of acrylic or wool, but there are many more to discover and gain joy from.

There are so many types, whether animal, plant or synthetic.

Here's everything you need to know about the different types of yarn for crochet, yarn weights, and many more useful facts. Types of fibers
Animal fibers
These types of yarn come from the fleece of various animals, from alpacas to the humble but ever-popular sheep. They are usually sheared, and the different layers of the coat are used for different things.

The inner layer is soft, shiny and more luxurious, for a softer, warmer fabric.

The outer layer is used for heavier or everyday items and is warm but a tougher fabric.

Animal fibers include yarns such as wool, angora, cashmere and llama wool.

Vegetable fibers
Made from internal fibers spun and bonded together to create yarn, most of these straddle the line between synthetic and natural fibers.

They are a renewable source of yarn and generally have a rougher texture than animal fiber.

Natural fibers are usually blended with synthetic fibers to create softness or a special luster. However, you can also obtain 100% vegetable fiber yarn.

This category includes yarns such as hemp, bamboo, flax and, of course, cotton.

Synthetic fibers
As the name implies, these are purely manufactured yarn types created from synthetic fabrics such as acrylic, polyester and rayon.

It is colorfast, strong, lightweight yarn, which means you can put it through the washing machine and dry it. In addition, it is chemical, moth and wear resistant.

If you're a beginner, this synthetic fiber is a great place to start before trying other fibers.

Suitable for: any type of project, the perfect yarn for baby blankets.

General care guidelines: generally machine washable and dry.

Interesting facts: A very durable material, they last for years and holes are almost non-existent.

Of perhaps one of the cutest animals whose fleece creates yarn, it is native to South America, along with its cousin, the llama. (They are often confused for each other).

There are two breeds of alpaca Suri and Huacaya. The alpaca fiber is soft and warm.

It is more expensive than most types of yarn (especially baby alpaca fiber) and does not hold its shape as well as wool either.

Suitable for: softer and warmer than even merino wool, it is perfect for cozy and comfortable winter items.

General care guidelines: hand wash gently or dry clean.

Interesting facts: Hypoallergenic because, unlike sheep fleece, it has no lanolin.

It takes its name from the Angora rabbit, where the fiber comes from. Incredibly soft and fine, it is usually blended with other yarns such as wool or acrylic to help it last longer and hold its shape better.

Interesting facts: If spun enough, it can be even softer than silk! Despite this, it is less expensive than silk.

One of the softest and most luxurious types of yarn comes from the undercoat of the goat breed called Cashmere.

Despite its benefits, it is not as strong or resilient as, for example, wool, and is very expensive.

This is because obtaining the yarn is very labor-intensive; the goats cannot be sheared and must be hand-combed to obtain the fleece.
Considering that it only comes from the bottom layer, there is not much of a goat when processing is complete. Usually only about 4 ounces.

Suitable for: It is hypoallergenic and non-itchy, so perfect for making clothing where there are more sensitive skin areas, such as socks, gloves and sweaters.

General care guidelines: Dry clean only.

Interesting facts.

The name comes from the original spelling of the word Kashmir, the princely state in Southwest Asia.
The individual hairs are very fine, six times finer than a human hair.
Cotton yarn
Cotton comes from the fluffy-looking cotton plant. This is produced all over the world in warm climates for commercial clothing and, of course, yarn.

It is lightweight, absorbent, breathable and strong, excellent qualities in items that need to be sturdy.

Perfect for summer crochet!

There are different types in terms of thickness, so it is very versatile. However, it does not hold its shape well, tends to stretch and stitches will not always look neat.

In these threads, the definition of some stitches is not as clear as others.

Suitable for: Summer crochet, dishcloths, scrubbies, potholders, other household items, shirts, light, drapey tank tops or cardigans.

General care guidelines: machine washable.

Interesting Facts: Cotton can absorb more than 27 times its weight in water or liquid. Not the best material for swimmers, then.

Hemp yarn.
While it may be surprising, despite being tough and resilient, hemp is soft and comfortable. Originally used solely for weaving and macramé crafts, it has only increased in popularity as a yarn fiber in recent years.

An excellent renewable source of fiber, it also has excellent stitch definition.

Suitable for: Hardwearing clothing, such as hiking socks, fishermen and outdoor coats, coats, dishcloths and other home accessories.

General care guidelines: check package rules, but hand washing in cold water is good as a general rule.

Interesting Fact: A hemp plant produces 250% more fiber and material than a cotton plant! It also grows very fast and is ideal for many different uses.

Llama Yarn
From the South American packhorse, Llamas are also cultivated for their wool. Usually only the finer, softer undercoat is used, but it is more expensive.

A fabric as old as time itself, this is a vegetable fiber made from the flax plant. It is cool, breathable, absorbent and dries much faster than other natural fibers.

There's a reason it was the ancient Egpyptian's material of choice for clothing and other items. It can be a bit expensive, as it is quite difficult to make.

Suitable for: The material for summer, hot and humid climates. Perfect for other household items such as dishcloths, curtains and tablecloths.

General care guidelines: machine wash.

Interesting facts: The history of clothing manufacturing dates back thousands of years, even before the ancient Egyptians.

Thick merino wool is very popular for extreme projects, such as rugs and home decor. It's wool, yes, but it comes from a breed of sheep, the Merino.

Originating in Extremadura, Spain, in the 12th century, they were taken to Australia and New Zealand, creating the modern merino.

It is very soft, and unlike other wools, it is hypoallergenic. It keeps its shape very well, even when blocked. However, it pills quite easily, which is annoying.

Suitable for: Merino wool is excellent for making winter items, even for those who have wool allergies, because this will not cause them.

General care guidelines: Hand wash in slightly warm water. Some merino wool is machine washable, called superwash, so be sure to check.
Interesting facts: Merino wool fiber can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture while remaining dry to the touch.

Merino fiber pulls 10 times more moisture away from the skin than synthetic fiber while maintaining all of its performance qualities.

A luxury fiber due to its luster, softness and long-lasting quality. It is an excellent choice no matter the season and has excellent insulating properties while being breathable.

Don't confuse it with Angora rabbit, a yarn made from Angora goat is never called Angora. Just that of rabbit. Some people may experience skin irritation with this fiber.

Suitable for: Very flexible, many different uses.

General care guidelines: machine wash gently or dry clean.

Interesting Facts: It is very naturally colorfast, perfect for dyeing.

A synthetic fiber first designed as a material for making parachutes. It increased in popularity for women's hosiery and other clothing. Because of the pure, shiny, soft and cool properties it has.

Today synthetic fiber is used for all sorts of purposes, but is still favored for those qualities.

Suitable for: all types of projects, but excellent for those that need to be lightweight and have drape.

General care guidelines: machine washable.

Interesting facts: Like so many inventions, the inventor stumbled upon it by accident.

Novelty Yarns.
All types of special interest yarns to create intrigue and variance in your crochet projects. Usually made from synthetic fibers, and are not the best choice for beginning crocheters because they can be difficult to crochet with.

Types of novelty yarns

Bouclé - Ranges in texture, made of loops and varying thickness to create a bumpy look.
Chenille - almost like velvet in texture and appearance, looks wonderful when crocheted, but is quite difficult to master.
Faux fur: as the name implies, this yarn looks exactly like faux fur when in the finished article. It is made of fluffy pieces attached to the main yarn made of nylon.
Railroad tape: as the name implies, it has small "tracks" attached to both sides of the yarn strands.
Ribbon yarn: yarn made from ribbons.
Polyester yarn - Yarn made from polyester, polyester is very flexible. There are all kinds to choose from.
Thick-Thin -A completed project has thin and thick sections. It will have a bumpy textured look.
Suitable for: Adding a little spice to ordinary projects.

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The Complete Yarn Bowl Guide You Need

Are you sick of chasing your yarn around like crochet? I've got the answer: get yourself a yarn bowl.

Crochet yarn bowl guide.
A beautiful and functional tool for keeping yarn in one place. Learn more and read my comments below.

At a glance - Contenders for the best yarn bowl.

Yarn Valet Yarn Yarn Bowl
Bamboo Yarn Spinning Bowl with Lid
Hagestad Classic Rosewood Yarn Yarn Bowl
Hand Painted Kitty Cat Yarn Handmade Yarn Bowl
Handmade Yarn Yarn Yarn Wooden Yarn Good Yarn Handmade Yarn Bowl
Maplewood Yarn Yarn Bowl
Hand Thrown Stoneware Yarn Bowl
Crocheted Rosewood Yarn Bowl
Sculpted Ceramic Face Yarn Sculptured Ceramic Bowl
Make more for less crochet yarn
Table of Contents
What is a yarn bowl?
What is a yarn bowl for?
Why you should use one
What size yarn bowl is best?
How to choose a yarn bowl
Yarn Bowl Buying Guide
Yarn Valet Yarn Yarn Bowl
Bamboo Yarn Yarn Bowl with Lid
Classic Hagestad Rosewood Yarn Yarn Bowl
Hand Painted Kitty Cat Yarn Handmade Yarn Bowl
Handmade wooden bowl by good spinning yarn spinning
Hand Thrown Stoneware Yarn Bowl
Crocheted rosewood yarn bowl
Sculpted Face Yarn Ceramic Yarn Bowl
Maplewood Yarn Yarn Bowl
Sleepy Sheep Yarn Ceramic Yarn Bowl
What is a Yarn Bowl?
A yarn bowl is a bowl with a flat bottom and high sides, with a swirl cut into one side. This is where the working yarn is threaded.

The materials they are made of differ, some are made of wood, others of ceramic, plastic or sometimes even metal.

They often have circular cutouts for storing hooks or when using more than one thread in your project.

What is a yarn bowl for?
A yarn bowl is used to keep your yarn from rolling around when you are knitting.

The weight of the bowl allows the ball of yarn to roll around inside without tangling. The high sides keep it in place.

Why you should use one
To keep you from wasting time chasing your yarn around.
Yarn bowls keep your yarn clean, preventing lint or dust from building up.
You can move it wherever you want to knit.
Convenient when working with multiple yarns.
They are a yarn holder and also look beautiful.
Keep your yarn safe from pets
What size yarn bowl is best?
The best size yarn bowl measures 6½ - 8 inches wide and 3½ - 4½ inches tall. This will fit most balls of yarn and the sides are tall enough so it won't jump out like crochet.

Most medium sized yarn bowls are approximately 5-6" in diameter and 3" tall. Small bowls are about 4" wide and 2-3" tall, while large bowls are 6-8" wide and 4-5" tall.

One tip is to measure the width and height of the wound balls you use mostly in your crochet projects. This will help you decide which size is best for you.

How to choose a yarn bowl
Yarn bowls are made of wood, ceramic, plastic or metal - which material do you prefer?
No rough edges where the yarn comes through
High walls
A wide, flat base with a little weight so it's stable when the yarn moves around it.
An opening where you can thread the yarn in from the top
Yarn bowl buying guide
Here are some beautiful yarn bowls I've reviewed.

Yarn Valet Yarn Yarn Bowl
Yarn Valet Yarn Yarn Bowl
The non-slip rubber base acts like a suction cup to prevent it from moving on smooth surfaces. The entire container is unbreakable. Measures approximately: 6″ long, 3″ high, 6″ wide.


Lightweight and easily transportable.
Will not break if accidentally knocked.
Fits smaller balls and larger skeins, the hole at the top is for small ball yarn chain, the one at the bottom is for larger balls.
Made in the USA

Some people may not like the 'plastic' look.
Click for more information / Buy from us Crochet
Bamboo yarn bowl with lid
Bamboo Yarn Bamboo Bowl with Lid
Made of 100% bamboo. Surfaces are smooth so your yarn won't catch like crochet. The top is a great addition to keep your yarn clean from dust. Measures 5.5" diameter x 3.5" tall.


Beautiful feel and aesthetics
Bamboo is a sustainable material

It only has small balls of yarn up to 50g with the cap.
Click for more information / Buy on Amazon
Hagestad Yarn Bowl Classic Rosewood Yarn Bowl
Hagestad Yarn Bowl Classic Rosewood Yarn Bowl
A high gloss wood yarn bowl. Surfaces have been polished so there is no chance of yarn snagging and maintains good tension. Approximately 7″ diameter x 4″ high. can comfortably fit a 5oz ball of yarn. Travel bag is included so you can easily take it anywhere. There are 2 holes to store your crochet hooks. The holes are 6.5mm in diameter.


Lifetime warranty
Large size can hold larger balls

The manufacturer is honest about their product having an odor that will disappear over time
Click for more information / Buy on Amazon
Hand Painted Kitty Cat Yarn Handpainted Cat Yarn Bowl
Hand Painted Kitty Cat Yarn Hand Painted Cat Yarn Bowl
If you love crochet and cats, this is the yarn bowl for you! Handmade yarn bowl by Cape Cod crafter Judith Stiles. The design is inspired by Meg the Cat, who throws loose balls of yarn on the floor.
It measures 5 1/2″ in diameter and 3 1/2″ inches tall.


Fun design and charming colors.
Sturdy, heavy base
Smooth surfaces that won't catch yarn.

The nature of ceramic is that if it is dropped, it will break. However, ceramic lasts a lifetime is well cared for.
Click for more information / Buy on Amazon
Wooden bowl handmade by good spinning yarn spinning.
Handmade wooden bowl by good spinning spinning yarn
Sheesham (Indian rosewood) wood is smooth and polished to bring out the natural grain of the wood. It measures 2.5" x 5" and fits comfortably on a 3.5 oz / 100 gram ball of bulky yarn. By purchasing you help support the artisan cooperative in India.


Heavy base that keeps it from moving
Light enough to be transportable

Will not fit larger skeins
Click for more information / Buy from Darn Good Yarn
Hand Thrown Stoneware Yarn Bowl
Hand Thrown Stoneware Yarn Bowl
Michael Fillus-Sherman of Avior Pottery's product has a clean, smooth loop for the yarn. The artist sizes them slightly larger than the norm to help hold large amounts of thread.

The Volcano Blue glaze combination has an earth toned bluish gray body, overflowing with a dripping rim of deep iridescent color.

Approximate dimensions: 5 1/2" wide X 4" high.

Each piece is made to order, so will vary slightly because they are individually cast and fired.


Beautifully handcrafted
Superb functional design
Smooth swirl for where the thread passes through
Great customer reviews

Since each bowl is made to order, expect about 3 weeks for shipment
Check today's price
Crocheted Rosewood Yarn Bowl
Crochet Rosewood Yarn Crochet Yarn Bowl
We Crochet prides itself on having products that suit the needs of crocheters. This wooden one keeps your beloved yarn clean and off the floor. The swirl is super smooth to ensure your yarn glides easily as you work on your projects.

A tapered bowl with an opening diameter of 5" and an average bowl diameter of 6".


Wood grains stand out for a lovely finish
Smooth surfaces
Good for those on a budget

Will not hold large skeins
Click to learn more / Buy from us Crochet
Ceramic Sculptured Face Yarn Ceramic Yarn Bowl
Sculptured Face Yarn Ceramic Yarn Bowl
This amazing work of art is bound to bring a smile to your face every time you look at it. It would certainly be a conversation starter.

Each one is a unique original piece that is given a name that will appear on your birth certificate that will come with it. Some people prefer to name their own. Just let the seller know if you would like to do that and they will put that name on the birth certificate.

Dimensions (approximate) of a regular bowl of yarn - 2 3/4" tall, 6 1/4" wide
and weighs 1.7 lbs

All Something Lucky artist work is food safe and all of our glazes are lead free and non-toxic.


A fun, practical piece of art
Multi-purpose: can hold chips, nuts, candy, and ideal for a string dispenser

Be prepared for reactions from family and friends who think it's less than charming!
Check today's price
Maplewood Yarn Bowl
Maplewood Yarn Crocheting Bowl
Made of Maplewood it has a lovely design and three places where you can store your hooks.

The glossy coat highlights the rich detail of the natural wood grain while providing a sheen and shine.

A tapered bowl with a flared opening; the top and widest center are 6" diameters, the narrowest point is 4.5" in diameter.


Lovely to use

Not suitable for large skeins of yarn
Click for more information / Buy from us Crochet
Sleepy Sheep Ceramic Yarn Yarn Bowl
Sleepy Sheep Ceramic Yarn Yarn Bowl
This cute sheep-shaped version keeps your yarn free of annoying tangles and knots. Simply drop a ball or skein into the center and thread the yarn through the curly sheep tail opening in the back of the bowl.

Measures 6″ in diameter, 4 1/2″ tall that has a shiny glaze and adorable details. Will hold about 3 oz of yarn.


Super cute design
Functional and smooth edges.

It's a small size, so it won't hold a large ball of yarn
Click to learn more / Buy on Amazon
Yarn bowls make crocheting easier, keep your yarn in place, and save you from chasing it all over the place. And reminding you that it's probably time for you to do some housework because the floors need attention.

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Best Yarns

Best Yarns To Use For Crocheting

So many options. It's amazing how many types of yarn there are. Unfortunately, the more choices there are, the harder it is to decide! What is the best yarn for crochet? This post should help you answer that question. Yarn, without it, a hook is completely useless. Beautiful and beautiful things - the basis of the hobby that brings us so much joy. But if you are a beginner, which one do you choose? The way the yarns come
It's essential to know how your yarn comes, as this can affect how easy it is to start knitting. There are four ways a yarn can be sold.

Cake - Usually created with a yarn winder, this is flat on the top and bottom, like a cylinder. It has the end in the center, so you can pull it from the center, making it easier to crochet.

Ball - It is wrapped like a ball, hence the name, and can be used right away, although it is prone to tangling.

Hank - This is a large ring twisted to prevent tangling, and most indie / fancy / hand dyed yarns are sold this way. You should wind it into a cake or ball by hand or use a yarn winder before knitting.

Trying to crochet directly from a skein is asking for disaster!

Skein - Similar to a ball, however, it is oval in shape, not circular. This is the shape that most of the cheaper cravings come in.

Yarn vs. thread - What's the difference?
Yarn is thicker, designed for regular projects like sweaters, socks and blankets. Yarn materials are made from varies. Yarn is much thinner, often made of cotton, designed for delicate projects like tablecloths or rugs.

If you are a beginner, it is best to start with yarn, and once you drop it, tackle smaller projects using yarn.

Types of fiber
There are many types of yarn, but the most popular types of yarn for crochet is acrylic, cotton and wool.

Acrylic - the synthetic fiber, and inexpensive and plentiful. Acrylic yarn is very popular among crocheters and a perfect choice for a beginner crochet project.

Some of the cheaper ones can be difficult to crochet with, as they tend to split regularly. Reading customer reviews should help you decide.

Cotton - This is great for something like a dishcloth because it is inflexible and holds its shape very well. For something that needs to have a little more breathing room, this is not a good choice.

It can be a little harder to use than wool or acrylic, but it's great for the warmer months.

Wool - From the ever-popular sheep, this material is a no-brainer. Warm, moisture wicking, soft, easy to work with, flexible, what's not to love?

This is a perfect choice because it's easy to unravel and reuse without becoming pilled and curly. But if you are allergic to animal fibers, this is something to avoid.

Store for good yarn

Different weights of yarn
There are a few different types, each for a different purpose and project use. How thick the yarn is, not how much it weighs. Numbers classify them. The higher, the thicker it is.

You should use the recommended crochet hook size with the weight according to the yarn label.

Here's a helpful list for Yarn Weight | Number ID

Lace - 0
Superfine, fingering, baby weight - 1
Fine, Sport - 2
Light worsted, DK - 3
Medium, Combed Weight, Afghan, Aran - 4
Bulky, Coarse - 5
Super bulky - 6
How to read yarn labels
These are the essential parts of a label that contain useful information. Keep an eye out for these when shopping yarn.

Yardage - This is the amount of yards a ball would measure if it were stretched. This is so you can tell how many of a product you need for a project.

Dye Lot - This is to tell you what dye lot the yarn was part of. If you want everything to be the same color with no noticeable differences, make sure your entire purchase comes from the same dye lot number.

Care instructions - this tells you how to wash it, whether or not you can iron it, and other useful information to help you know how to care for your handmade item.
Dye lot: if you are doing a large project in the same color, you will want to buy everything from the same dye lot. Then there will not be slight differences in the colors.

Price - This can vary greatly depending on many factors, from fiber to weight to company and more. Cotton, acrylic and wool yarn are the best choices for beginners because they are more affordable.

Texture - Smooth, smooth yarns with a uniform texture are best because textured and novelty yarns are difficult to use.

Yardage - The amount of yarn in a ball, generally the more there is, the more expensive it is. It's to help you tell how many balls you need for a project.

I hope you find the perfect yarn to get you started on your crochet adventures. Best of luck! There are so many choices out there. It's easy to feel overwhelmed. But I hope this post has given you a starting point. Red heart with love
Red Heart with Love
A soft yarn with a variety of solids and multicolors. It is machine washable and safe to place in a dryer. Solids are 7 oz, and multiples are 5 oz balls.

Bernat Blanket Yarn
Bernat Blanket Yarn
A beautiful soft chenille yarn, perfect for blankets and home decor items. Its super bulky weight means crochet projects quickly.

Ball size: 300g / 10.5 oz, 201 meters / 220 yards.


Machine washable and dryable
Economical size

Be sure to check that the color you select is 10.5 oz. Some colors are the smaller size of 5.3 oz.
Bernat Super Value
Bernat Super Value yarn is an economical worsted weight yarn in a wide range of colors. Available in solid and multi-color shades from brights to neutrals and stripes.

There are different ounces for ball size - Solids / Ragg / Heather: 197g / 7 oz, 389 meters / 426 yards & Ombres ball size: 142g / 5 oz, 251 meters / 275 yards.


Machine washable and dryable for easy care
Good quality and does not tend to split

Be sure to check the ounces of yarn for the color you select.

Lion's Mark Scarfie Yarn
Scarfie is a soft, lofty wool blend yarn with enough yardage to knit or crochet a full-length scarf.


Beautiful range of colors
Suitable for garments, accessories and afghans.

Crochet Yarn - Your questions answered
Which yarn is best for beginners Crochet?
Either wool or wool blend yarns, acrylic or cotton yarns, with a soft texture, and DK or sport weight. Wool yarns are excellent for practicing crochet stitches.

What is the best yarn for crochet garments, wool or acrylic?
It depends on your preference. If you are a beginner and want affordable, lightweight and hypoallergenic, acrylic is the best choice.

If you want one that is moisture wicking, soft and durable, wool is the best choice. These are your crochet projects. You decide what's best.

What is the best yarn for crochet hats?
Hats need a stretchy, flexible yarn that can still hold its shape so it can fit a variety of heads without becoming floppy. If it's for winter, get a chunky yarn, such as worsted weight or chunky yarn.

Wool or wool blends are an excellent fiber choice, but if you or the person you are making it for has allergies, avoid this type.

If it is for the warmer months, choose a lighter weight. Regardless of the weather, make sure it's soft - you want a comfortable hat to wear! Consult your crochet pattern for any advice you may have.

What is the best yarn for crochet socks?
For winter months, thick yarn, for everyday wear, thinner is better. You want to make sure they fit in your shoes if you are going to wear them outside.

Make sure it is breathable and moisture wicking, so it is easy to wear longer. A cotton blend is a good idea.

It's best to buy yarn designed explicitly for socks. It is labeled with sock yarn.

What is the best yarn for crochet scarves?
This is a flexible project-you can use any type of yarn you want! But here are some questions to ask yourself when selecting one.

In what weather are you going to use it?
How thick should it be?
Any allergies or preferences to consider?
What color or a mix of colors do you want?
What is the best yarn for crochet sweaters?
You want flexibility in yarn if you're going to make a sweater. If it's a cardigan, this isn't as important, but both should be able to hold their shape. Consider the season you want to wear it in as well.

What is the best yarn for crochet blankets?
Make sure it is soft yarn. I can't stress the importance of this enough! Crocheted blankets are for snuggling under. Make sure it is soft, cuddly and warm.

Larger crochet patterns for blankets can be expensive because thicker ones cost more, so keep your budget in mind.

Baby blankets won't have this problem though, as they need to be lightweight. If you are making one of these, make sure they can handle machine washing/.

Often, a company will have product lines designed for blankets in their softness and quality.

What size yarn is best for crochet beginners?
Thick but not cumbersome, so it's easier to handle and not as complicated. You want a soft, medium thickness yarn that is sport, DK, medium weight or worsted weight.

Can I crochet with knitting yarn?
Yes, of course! There is no such thing as yarn specifically and only for knitting. You can use any yarn for both. Except crochet thread cannot be used for knitting, as it is too fine for knitting needles.

Things to remember when choosing the best crochet thread
Care instructions - Washing instructions vary significantly from yarn to yarn. Sometimes you need it to be machine washable. Be sure to read the label carefully to help you decide.

Color - If you are a beginner, choose lighter colors because it is much easier to crochet with, and it is easier to see your stitches than something darker.

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yarn guide baby blanket

A Yarn Guide For The Perfect Baby Blanket

What is the best yarn for a baby blanket? Babies can be an excellent excuse to try your hand at crocheting a blanket. Seeing them all warm and cozy in their handmade blanket will bring so much joy!

After much research, I can confirm that many crocheters and knitters agree cotton or acrylic blends are the best yarn for a baby blanket. This is because these are the softest yarns and have excellent machine washability.

Even better, they are available in many different colors and are perfect affordable/cheaper yarns. Acrylic can be softened by using a fabric softener when you wash it.

These are perfect for baby blankets, but other blends and yarn types, such as cotton/acrylic blends, organic cotton and silk/bamboo blends, are excellent. The last option is more expensive but luxuriously soft. The best baby blanket yarn buying checklist.

There are quite a few qualities that the best baby blanket yarn should contain, and it has to meet a high standard for good reason.

A baby blanket should be lightweight (but still warm if it's cold), cuddly, soft and functional. The best yarn will be machine washable, soft and durable.

Here's a list of questions to ask when considering a particular product.

Yarn store good yarn

Is the yarn machine washable?

As lovely as many hand wash only yarns are, they need to be washed often! When it comes to babies, things like vomiting, drooling and diaper disasters are all too common.

Save parents and yourself time and energy, avoid hand washing and use a yarn that can be machine washable.

Using a washing machine is much easier!

The best yarn for a baby blanket should be machine washable.

To determine whether or not you can do this, check the label to see if it is hand washable or machine washable.

Ideally, you want something that can survive a normal machine wash, with a temperature of about 40° Celsius, or 104° Fahrenheit.

Sometimes a yarn is machine washable and dryable! A perfect combination of convenience.

What do parents prefer (colors/material)?

While you may have ideas about what the baby or yourself would like regarding materials and color, you are not making knitting blankets for yourself or the newborn.

The baby has no choice in the matter, as they can't express their opinion yet!

Keep their preferences in mind when discussing the colors you are choosing for the nursery. If you are unsure, asking them directly is a good idea.

That way, there is no confusion or disappointment for either party!

What is your budget?

As with any project you tackle, you can choose lovely, upscale products or a still nice but cheaper option.

Be sure to set a budget and don't go for it! Since babies grow quite fast, it could only be used for a year at most. Make sure you are not paying for anything you think is too expensive.

Yarn materials also play a role in the cost. Acrylic, polyester, other synthetic fibers and cotton are cheaper. Alpaca yarn, silk and bamboo are luxury and more expensive yarns.

Are parents or baby allergic to wool?

If one or both parents are allergic or sensitive to wool, there is a very good chance that the child is as well. You do not want the baby's skin to develop a rash or become irritated.

If this is the case, it is best to avoid wool and choose something hypoallergenic or a synthetic fiber such as acrylic to ensure that the baby's skin is not irritated.

If you are unsure, you can always ask.

Quality crochet yarns


Remember, inevitably, the blanket is going to end up in baby's mouth!

An important thing to remember is how durable and how long the yarn will last. The blanket will be exposed to all sorts of nasty things, but just like the nature of babies!

Very young children explore things through their mouths, so your blanket will end up in their mouths eventually.

Check the reviews of a particular yarn to see if they have anything to say about how well the yarn held up.

When will the baby be born?

When is the child due and what season? Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter?

If it will be in the winter or colder months, choose a softer, warmer material.

If it's going to be during the summer or warmer months, choose a lightweight fiber designed for a summer blanket, such as acrylic and cotton.

Growing, Baby, Blanket

Need multiple balls of yarn?

It helps to know the ball size or yardage. If you need more than one ball of yarn (which you probably will), be sure to buy them all from the same dye lot if you are planning a single color.

(Dye lots are one batch of yarn dyed at a time).

This is important when making any knitting project, not just baby blankets. Even if the colors are supposed to be the same and come from a different dye lot, they will look different. you don't want that!

What kind of feel should the yarn have?

Check the parent's preferences when making your decision on softness. Fortunately there are plenty of options for soft yarn for the baby blanket.

Winter, you want a soft, bulky, thick chenille yarn. Summer, you want a thin, lightweight but still soft yarn.

Is the blanket going to pose a danger to the newborn?

Babies are not very self-conscious and don't have a very good sense of danger. You need to make sure that the details of the blanket will not pose a danger or difficulty for the newborn.

Here is a quick checklist of things to remember to keep your child safe.

Make sure your tension is tight and your stitches are close together. Loose stitches could cause a choking hazard.

Do not choose knitting patterns with holes. You don't want the child to be able to put their fingers through the yarn.

Weave in all ends before presenting the gift, and double check that the woven ends cannot be picked out.

Avoid a bulky blanket in summer and a lightweight blanket in winter. The baby could overheat or become too cold.

What gauge does your pattern or project require?

Gauge: These are stitches per inch, also known as yarn tension. To find the gauge of a yarn, you can count the number of stitches over 6 inches and divide by 6.

Having the correct gauge ensures that your knitting will look exactly like the finished product you are trying to achieve.

We crochet tools and accessories

Everything you need to get crocheting!

Your Baby Blanket Yarn Questions Answered

Is acrylic yarn safe for babies?

Yes! Just be sure to choose acrylic or an acrylic blend that is soft and has a nice texture.

Is wool a good material for a baby blanket?

Yes, as long as the parents or baby are not allergic or sensitive to wool. Merino wool is hypoallergenic, super soft and warm. Or choose wool blends with merino wool.

How long does it take to crochet a baby blanket?

It depends on the size of the blanket, what kind of yarn weight it is, and how fast you crochet!

How many balls of Bernat yarn do you need for a baby blanket?

Smaller baby blankets only need 1-2 skeins. Larger ones may need 3-4.

How do you wash a Bernat baby blanket?

You can hand wash Bernat yarn blanket or machine wash on the delicate program, with the cold temperature.

Does Walmart carry Bernat yarn?

Yes, Walmart sells Bernat Yarn, although it is best to check to see if it is in stock at your local store.

How do I decide between warm and cold weather yarns?

In general, thicker bulky yarns are best for winter and lighter weight yarns like cotton for warm weather.

How to wash crochet blankets?

If they can be machine washed, place them on delicate or wool settings, cold wash only. If they have to be hand-washed, be sure to wash them with mild soap in cold water.

How much yarn do I need for a baby blanket? If you are knitting with chunky yarn such as a chenille style yarn, two balls are a good idea. If you are knitting baby blankets with something smaller, like a medium sized yarn, 9 balls is a good place to start.

How big should a baby blanket be? 

If you are following a pattern, most will show how much yarn (yardage) is needed to finish the project. Find the yarn you have chosen and see how many yards are contained within one ball. Next, on the pattern, find how many yards you need and divide by the total amount inside a skein.

There they are, lots of wonderful, soft and comfortably perfect yarns to knit into a baby blanket.

I hope you enjoy making baby blankets, and the parents and newborn will surely appreciate the beautiful creation you've put so much effort into.

Sometimes sock yarns would fit a baby blanket.

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yarn buying guide

The Yarn Buying Guide You Need

How can I buy yarn?
Here is a list of simple steps.

Choose an online yarn store! There is a list below to help you decide.
Choose the perfect yarn.
Add it to your cart, look for anything else you need.
Pay for your order at checkout.
Arrange shipping
Anxiously await arrival near your door.
If you get stuck, don't panic! Just like asking an assistant for help, every yarn company has a dedicated team to help you.

multicolored hand-dyed yarns
This may not be the yarn you're looking for - Get the right one!
Important! Remember these questions as you drool, or should I say, browse yarns.

What type of weight?
What type of fiber?
How much do you need?
What colors?
What kind of yarn?
Can you put it in the washing machine?
Reasonable prices?
What does it come in (hank, skein, ball, cake?)?
What are you making? (Scarves, mittens, hats, a sweater or socks?)
Don't forget yarn tags and symbols!
Yarn labels have a wealth of information on them. Be sure to read them! Take note of these:

Yarn weight - From 0-7, superfine, to super bulky!
Gauge - Remember this is a rough estimate, don't forget a sample first!
Hook Size - The best hook size to use, a match made in heaven.
Amount of yarn - How much yarn you get in a ball
Care Instructions - You want it to last, right?
Make a checklist and check back often when considering a yarn.

Things to remember when buying yarn online
Keep that handy checklist
Be sure to keep track of what you need in your yarn! Refer to your pattern/project guidelines. That way, you won't make a mistake in the details of your yarn needs.

Read all the details!
You probably don't need to spell this out, but read all the details. The yarn labels have lots of helpful instructions on them, so pay attention.

Don't slip on just to miss the fact that it wasn't machine washable, and oops, now it's felt! That would be a disaster.

Keep an eye on customer reviews
Buying anything online means putting your trust in strangers. You can't trust their experience or judgment because it's just a picture on the screen.

Scroll down and read those reviews on the product page - are they positive, negative, any notes or problems they encountered?

Valuable information for you to learn before you click the Buy Now button.

Better to learn from others' mistakes than your own, right?

New tools from The Hook Nook. An assortment of Hook Nook tools and hooks on a blue background.

Beware of bargains and sales
Everyone loves a bargain. For those who like a bargain or savings, there are many ways to go.

Like stores, yarn websites run periodic sales and savings often.
Sign up for the newsletter to keep track of sales. (Sometimes they offer 10% -15% off your first purchase).
Their email lists often have exclusive offers, crochet techniques, tips, tricks and clever ideas.
Follow the company on social media. They sometimes advertise discounts on their channels.
Seasonal sales occur around the big shopping times of the year. Take advantage.
Clearance sales! Yes, online stores too! Winter fibers are in clearance in the warmer months. (Wool, alpaca, mohair, merino.) Summer/spring fibers are in clearance in the cooler months.
Buy a kit. Yarn is cheaper. Plus, you get everything included for one project.
Buy a box or package with a mix of yarns.
Lots of soft, tall yarns.
Refunds, returns and exchanges.
As unfortunate as it may be, sometimes the item you bought just isn't up to par. Maybe there's a defect. It's the wrong color or not the quantity you paid for.

If so, make sure you know the return policy before you buy anything.

What is the best yarn to buy?
It depends on what you need. Consider the following questions. What colors, what weight, what fiber and how much you need. Use your project or pattern as a guide to help you.

If you are making it for someone else, take their considerations into account as well. Customer reviews should help you decide whether to buy it or not.

Where can I buy cheap yarn?
WeCrochet has great deals and savings regularly. Amazon is a great place to buy yarn in bulk at a discounted price, a little cheaper than other stores.

What is the most expensive yarn?
Vicuna is a relative of alpaca and llama from South America and costs about $300 for an ounce! Some very expensive crochet.

Other fancy yarn includes qiviut, Arctic Muskox, extra fine merino, baby alpaca, and the huge fancy yarns.

If you have the budget, it might be something you want to splurge on one day. If you just...

Cashmere and alpaca yarn may come to mind, but there is yarn more expensive than that!

Best places to buy yarn online.
Here it is. A collection of the best online yarn stores on the internet. Go ahead and satisfy your crochet needs.

Some are dedicated to the best yarns. Some branch out into crochet hooks, notions, bags, and everything else a crocheter could need! If you are just buying yarn, beware, you may be tempted to add other items to your cart.

My top recommendations are below.

Finally, an online yarn store dedicated exclusively to crochet and crochet! (1) Hooray! Run by the company that runs Knit Picks, Crafts Americana Inc.

You can expect the same amazing product quality, customer service and affordability.

They have many different ranges, of all kinds of specifications, such as yarn weight. They have extra-fine weight yarn, all the way up to jumbo yarn.

If you've shopped at Knit Picks, there are favorites from their yarn brands designed explicitly for crochet, like Dishie Yarn and Chroma Worsted Yarn.

Key Features.

Dedicated to crocheters
A beautiful place to find everything you need
A vibrant community

Decent shipping rates
Affordable prices
Fast shipping

They only ship to the US, Canada, Australia and the UK currently.
It's all in a name. This store is all about the lovely yarn and inspiring many crafters, crocheters and makers.

Over the years, they have purchased many brands including Lily's Sugar&Cream, Patons, Bernat, Caron, and recently Red Heart. They have a wide selection to match their wealth of brands, great for any type of project and yarn.

They also sell patterns, notions, books, bags and many more crochet related.

Key Features.

Loved by many crocheters, the company has years of knowledge.
A wide range of yarn weights, from extra-fine weight yarn to worsted.
Many popular yarn brands in one convenient location.

Trackable, fast and reliable shipping
Take good care of their customers, fast and friendly customer service.
Email support if you have any problems
Lots of great price ranges
Safe and secure

Crafts of Love
This website doesn't look like a yarn store, but more like a look book or place to find inspiration, patterns, books and helpful techniques and tricks.

Don't let that appearance fool you though. They sell yarn! Exclusive brands on that site, as well as familiar favorites. Their range caters to all tastes.

They sell excellent quality yarn perfect for making a blanket.

(Note: Love Crafts was formerly known as Love Knitting).

Open System.
Key Features.

Complete your yarn of choice with a variety of different patterns, books and inspiration for your crochet project.
Easy to use search filter, choose by fiber, color, weight, etc.

Affordable price range for all budgets
Good return policy
Easy to use and order
International shipping
A friendly and vibrant community of artisans.

Shipping is quite expensive
Fabulous yarn
Just another ordinary online yarn store, right? Not at all.Fabulous Yarn is very deserving of the name.

A small independent yarn company is run by passionate owners who enjoy and practice all kinds of fiber crafts.

They have a small yarn store in Tivoli, New York. An upscale yarn store specializing in handcrafted, beautiful balls in all types of fibers and colors.

They have new daily specials, so keep an eye out for their wonderful products!

It is an extraordinary place. I've never seen another crochet website anything like it. Well worth browsing.

There is excellent sheep and alpaca wool yarn. Lots of beautiful wool dreaming of being added to your yarn stash! Lovely ideas for your next project.

Fabulous yarn
Key Features.

Lots of wonderful skeins and hand-dyed fancy skeins
Have yarn made from wool and vegetable fibers
Focusing on yarn made by independent and small businesses and designers, so you know you're supporting talented people, not just giant manufacturers
They source their yarn ethically
Perfect for gifts for crocheters

Beautiful yarns and many colors available
Fast shipping for orders, and available internationally
Good return policy

A bit of a smaller range than most companies

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